Polish Navigation Forum Award

Prof. Jerzy Rogowski was honored with the Polish Navigation Forum Award. Prize is awarded annually to people who have made a special contribution to the development of navigation through their scientific, publishing or organizational activities.

The act of presenting the statuette to this year's winner of the PNF Prize was performed by: The President of the Polish Navigation Forum prof. Krzysztof Czaplewski and the Rector of the Gdynia Maritime University and at the same time a Member of Council of the Polish Navigation Forum prof. Adam Weintrit.

The PNF award is granted by the Council of the Polish Navigation Forum on the basis of the decision of the Jury that consists of:

  • Adam Weintrit - representative of the PNF Management Board - chairman
  • Zdzisław Kopacz - winner of the 2013 award
  • Andrzej Felski - winner of the 2014 award
  • Mirosław Jurdziński - winner of the 2015 award
  • Stanisław Gucma - winner of the 2016 award
  • Stanisław Oszczak - winner of the 2017 award
  • Marek Grzegorzewski - winner of the 2018 award
  • Andrzej Banachowicz - winner of the 2019 award

The Polish Navigation Forum is a voluntary, self-governing, permanent association, aggregating people professionally interested in the development of navigation as a science and a form of practical activity of a man. The area of forum’s activity is Poland, based in Gdynia,

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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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