Construction of GMU Centre for the Offshore Industry Taking Shape

The Centre for the Offshore Industry, Gdynia Maritime University’s major investment project currently under development next to the Wisłoujście Fortress in Gdansk, is making noticeable progress.

The development of the Centre for the Offshore Industry on Gdansk’s Roberto de Plelo street is one of the University’s strategic goals for the period 2020-2024. The assumption is that the Centre will create a local Polish supply chain for the offshore industry. The Centre has the potential to become the nucleus of the greater organism, which is the “Polish Offshore Valley” and will house the certified laboratories of GMU’s Maritime Institute, the operation of which is part of the process of the preparation and realisation of investment in offshore wind power.

Located near the Wisłoujście Fortress, the Centre for the Offshore Industry will be made up of two two-floor buildings linked together by a first-floor skyway.

The main construction work of building number 1 is now 95% complete. During the past month, the installation of concrete girders for the lobby and the ceilings of the top floor have been completed. Work is now ongoing on the construction of the attic and the elevator shaft.

The construction of the carcass of building number 2 has already been completed. The installation of aluminum joinery has begun (30% complete), roofing is being fitted (25% complete), and work on sanitary installations, i.e., cooling, heating, rainwater (20% complete), is also underway.

Work has also taken place on the skyway - the groundwork has been reinforced, and the foundations, columns, and walls of the ground floor have been laid. Additionally, work is currently underway on the reinforced concrete beams on which the prefabricated ceilings will be laid.

Outside the buildings, the rainwater and sanitary sewerage system networks are currently being installed. 45% of these works are now complete.   

The near future will see the installation of the electrical and ventilation systems, and the beginning of the finishing work, starting with plastering.                                          

The value of the investment, including the equipment, is estimated at 50m PLN. The project is co-financed by European Union funds under the Regional Operational Programme for Pomerania 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The construction work is due to be completed by March 2023.

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