Memories of Work Experience Onboard the Dar Młodzieży

The University is pleased to announce the opening of a competition entitled “Memories of Work Experience Onboard the Dar Młodzieży” aimed at all those who completed a period of seamanship experience on the sailing ship during 1982-2021.

For most students, experience onboard the Dar Młodzieży provides a unique opportunity to gain practical experience and knowledge, unlike any other apprenticeship training. Often the adventure of a lifetime, the time spent at sea is an inspiring experience, a time for making friends and gaining special skills.

Upon boarding the white frigate, students enter into a world of particular conditions where teamwork is the order of the day, no matter the hour - day or night. They live the life of the ship, which becomes their home. It is their memories of this time that are the topic of the competition.

I would like to encourage all those who fondly recall their time gaining practical experience on the Dar Młodziezy to take part in the competition – commented the Director of the Ship Management Office, Dr Bogumił Łączyński, Master Mariner.

The recollections of our trainees is the real-life history of our training ship, which is all the more real as it is experienced by young people full of enthusiasm and dedication, and almost always in awe of the sea, the ship and the weather. We want to collect and share these memories and for them to live on in the memories of our descendants.

Entries to the competition may be submitted in any chosen form and should be sent by post to the following address: Dział Armatorski i Praktyk Morskich Uniwersytetu Morskiego w Gdyni (ul. Morska 81-87, 81-225 Gdynia) or by email to: b.laczynski [at] The closing date for entries is 30th December 2021. Please see the competition rules for more details (in Polish)  

The organiser of the competition is Gdynia Maritime University.



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