Irek Czarnowski Welcome to my www page

I'm a professor of Computer Science at the Gdynia Maritime University.
I work in the Department of Information Systems at Faculty of
Management and Quality Science


Morska 83, 81-225 Gdynia, Poland
building F, room no. 204

Irek Czarnowski



Research interests



Transactions of Computational Collective Intelligence IV Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 456 Procedia Computer Science Volume 35, Pages 1-1738 (2014)

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List of Publications


Scientific Activity

  1. Research projects
    • NCBR N N519 576438, 2010-2013 - An application of asynchronous teams of software agents for optimization, simulation and machine learning (in Polish, participant)
    • MNiSW N519 318835, 2008-2010 - Classification Algorithms for the distributed environment (project manager and project leader)
    • KBN 3T11C05928, 2005-2007 - System inteligentnych agentów programowych do rozwiązywania trudnych problemów optymalizacyjnych (in Polish, participant)
    • KBN 8T11F02019, 2003-2004 - Algorytmy uczenia populacji oraz budowa środowiska programowego do sekwencyjnego i równoległego ich wykorzystania (in Polish, participant)
    • KBN 8T11C02012, 1997-1999 - Algorytmy szeregowania programów tolerujących błędy oraz ocena efektywności tych algorytmów na podstawie eksperymentów obliczeniowych (in Polish, participant)
    • 874/BW/GU/2008 - Learning classifiers models and their evaluation (in Polish)
    • 738/BW/GU/2007 - Multi-objective selection of reference vectors (in Polish)
    • 613/BW/GU/2006 - Data reduction algorithms for knowledge discovery in databases(in Polish)
    • 501/BW/GU/2005 - Data reduction methods in data mining (in Polish)
    • 407/BW/GU/2004 - Application of the population learning algorithm to training artificial neural network (in Polish)
    • 2003-2004 - Prediction of product quality in glass manufacturing process - Eunite Competition
    • 339/BW/GU/2003 - Data reduction algorithms for supervised learning (in Polish)
    • 271/BW/GU/2002 - Application of the population learning algorithm to training artificial neural network (in Polish)
    • 2002 - Modelling the Bank's Client behaviour using intelligent technologies - Eunite Competition

  2. Associate Editor of Journal of Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Engineering Systems published by the IOS Press.

  3. Reviewer for scientific journals
  4. Membership in scientific committees of conferences and reviewier
  5. Other activities
  6. Rector's research awards second and third degree (Gdynia Maritime University): 2005, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2014
    Rector's Award of First Degree in 2012 and 2013.


Teaching activities include

Other (rather research) expiriences: PVM, MPI, JADE - platform for multi-agent systems, UML

The students can to find all materials, slides and lecture notes in Ilias (e-learning system).