Dock Master in Shipyard (Malta) - Palumbo

Currently we are recruiting for position of Dock Master in our Shipyard located in Malta (

About Company:

Palumbo is an international shipyard group with a strong family approach.

With over half a century of experience in the shipbuilding industry, custom yacht construction and unique repair capabilities, Palumbo today represents a major refit and repair network in the Mediterranean

With an unbeatable logistic network layout of 8 shipyards in the heart of the Mediterranean, 1 in the Atlantic ocean, 2 new build sites, 18 Docks of which one represents the second largest dock in Europe and the most international experienced craftsmen and engineers in the industry, the group is able to offer a wide range of specialized services for any type of vessels and Yachts.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the entrusted staff
  • Maintenance, improvement, check and management of Dock Blocks (15 Days)
  • Gangway management (15 Days);
  • Pilot basket management
  • Yokohamas Fender management
  • Quay fenders management;
  • Anti-pollution devices management (i.e Boom)
  • Boats (barges, Tug, Rescue Boat)
  • Management sump’s filters
  • Dock cleaning
  • Suspension/Execution of keel blocks plan
  • Check od keel blocks plan after docking activities
  • Management of wood stocks
  • Check of dock wenches, mules and winch house operation

Job Requirements:

  • Proficiency in spoken and written English
  • A degree in the Naval Engineering or any related field,
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suit


  • Company Health Insurance
  • Free access to gym


Adriana Ziemniak

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