Construction Work Update 2023

State of progress on 16th January 2023:

the following has been completed:

  • the entire reinforced concrete structure of the garage hall, including external insulation (thermal and weatherproofing), as well as the laying of the building;
  • reinforced concrete construction of the ground floor (walls, pillars, lifts, ceiling above the ground floor);
  • the walls of the 1st floor, the staircase, and the elevator shafts up to the 1st floor. Work is currently ongoing on reinforcement and formwork on the first floor.

Masonry work is set to begin in February.  Prefabricated elements (posts and girders) will be delivered to the site between 17th and 28th February.

At the end of 2022, 21.49% of the total construction work had been completed.  During the next two months, the completion of the project is planned as follows:

  • by end of January 26,42%,
  • by end of February 32.35%.