The rich history of Gdynia Maritime University started with the document signed on 17th June 1920 by Gen. Józef Leśniewski, by which the Maritime School was set up. The organizers of the first Polish Maritime School strongly believed that the education of future officers of the merchant fleet must be realized, first of all, during sea-deep voyages. Thus, it was necessary to purchase the appropriate ship. The Polish flag was hoisted on the training ship, named “Lwów”, on 4th September 1921 and the School inaugurated its activities in two faculties: Navigation Faculty and Marine Engineering Faculty.

In 1930 the decision was made to move the Maritime School from Tczew to Gdynia. In the academic year 1930/1931 the “Lwów” with its distinguished service was replaced by another training sailing ship “Dar Pomorza”.  In 1938 the Faculty of Transport and Maritime Administration was established. Gradually, new faculties were created and new specializations were introduced; so at the end of 60s the School had in its structure three faculties: Navigation Faculty, Marine Engineering Faculty and Administration-Economic Faculty.

In 1958 the State Maritime School obtained the status of post secondary technical higher school and ten years later it merged with the State School of the Deep Sea Fishing. At last, in 1968 the School became the Maritime Academy. At that time the Academy could educate students in four faculties, in 16 specializations. Two new training ships started their operation: in 1982 the beautiful sailing ship “Dar Młodzieży” and in 2000 the modern research and transport training ship “Horyzont II”.

Nowadays, Gdynia Maritime University has four, rapidly expanding faculties: Electrical Engineering, Management and Quality Science, Marine Engineering and Navigation. All the Faculties enable the university to develop and perform its scientific and didactic activities in the 9 fields of studies, in 43 specializations. They are also all authorized to grant a doctor degree.



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