Gdynia Maritime University cooperates with foreign partners on the basis of bilateral agreements, inter-governmental agreements and international joint projects.

The international activity of GMU is carried out among others basing on over 20 bilateral agreements with foreign universities from 14 countries and also in the framework ERASMUS+ Programme, international  projects and international seminars, conferences and workshops.

The activity concerns exchange of academic staff and students, collaboration in joint research projects, conducting lectures and organizing symposia and conferences as well as exchange of academic information and materials and also mutual publishing of research works in scientific journals.

Angola Project

Gdynia Maritime University, on the basis of the agreements of cooperation with Navimor International Com (NICOM), is the main partner responsible for the scientific-didactic side of the project “The construction and establishment of the Academy of Fishery and Marine Sciences in Namibe, in the Republic of Angola”. The Academy of Fishery and Marine Sciences in Namibe (Academia de Pescas e Ciências do Mar do Namibe), is the public higher education institution of pan-African character and technical profile, which educates engineers for fishery and the merchant fleet as well as for the sector of fish processing, water resources investigations and maritime administration. The Angola Project is the biggest European project conducted on the continent of Africa.

During the first stage of the project (2008‒2010) researchers from GMU developed the organisational concept and operation plans for the Academy - the didactic and scientific part and they also prepared the overall plans and teaching curricula - the “know-how” of constructing a maritime university. The second stage (2013‒2018) involved research and development works of engineering-technical and expert-consulting character as well as didactic cooperation within education of future staff on II- and III-cycle studies in GMU for the newly constructed Academy in Namibe. Some of the Angolans educated in Gdynia are now didactic staff of the Academy of Fishery and Marine Sciences in Namibe.

Confirmation of achieving the projected targets is the fact that on 18th May 2016 the President of Angola, Jose Eduardo Santos signed the Decree No 63/16, enabling construction of the Academy of Fishery and Marine Sciences in Namibe, as a higher education institution related to fishery, of public-private character under joint supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Fishery of the Republic of Angola. The official ceremony of the inauguration of the Academy was held on 17th July 2017.

The ANGOLA Project, due to its scale and innovativeness, was recognized and Gdynia Maritime University received two awards : “Innovative Economy 2016” (Maritime Economy Forum, Gdynia 2016) and “Polish Intelligent Development Award 2016” (Smart Development Forum, Rzeszów 2016).


Algeria Project

Gdynia Maritime University and the Officer Training Centre of Gdynia Maritime University ltd. realised within the agreement with the shipyard Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. a task of training the Algerian crew for the sailing frigate ”El Mellah” of the Algerian National Navy, which was launched in 2015 in the shipyard Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A.

On 21 October 2017 the marine military forces of Algeria officially took control of the frigate "El Mellah". The complete, original system for crew training and operation of the sailing vessel was developed by the team under supervision of the GMU representatives.

After a six-month training under the guidance of GMU staff, which included: theoretical courses, practical training in the harbour and during training races (first aboard s/v “Dar Młodzieży”, and later aboard the new Algerian frigate), the Algerian crew took the frigate “El Mellah” to the home port in Algeria.