The ceremony of unveiling the statue of Tadeusz Wenda

On May 29, 2021, the Rector of GMU prof. Adam Weintrit participated in the unveiling of the Tadeusz Wenda monument, under which he laid flowers exactly on the hundredth anniversary of the construction of the port of Gdynia.

The ceremony of unveiling the monument took place on the fishing pier in Gdynia. Tadeusz Wenda was an engineer, builder of the Gdynia port, for 17 years he was the main designer and manager of this investment. The author of the bronze monument is the artist from Toruń, Maciej Jagodziński-Jagenmeer. It shows Tadeusz Wenda standing on a granite pedestal, captured while presenting the vision of the future port. In his right hand he holds scrolls of maps and charts, and with his left hand he points to the harbor quay.

Apart from official guests, the ceremony was attended by sailors - students of the Gdynia Maritime University. Our sailors, thanks to the cooperation with the Polish Association of Classes 2020, manned yachts of this class and, sailing on sails near the unveiled monument, together with the units of the Maritime Office in Gdynia added splendor to the ceremony.

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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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