GMU Hosts Master Mariners’ Association 12th EGM

The 12th Extraordinary General Meeting of the Master Mariners’ Association took place on Saturday 6th November in the Aula of the GMU Faculty of Navigation.

The attending captains began by singing the national anthem before paying homage to the memory of sailors that went before them. The occasion was chaired by Dr Wiesław Pietrzkowski, who presented the Association Council’s report for the period 2017-2021.

Later in the meeting, medals minted by the Polish Nautological Society were awarded to Gdynia Maritime University, the Pastoral Ministry of People of the Sea, and the National Maritime Museum. The medals were presented by Professor Daniel Duda and Dr Andrzej Królikowski to Professor Adam Weintrit, Father Edward Pracz, and Dr Robert Domżał.   

During the meeting, Andrzej Królikowski - the former director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia and current President of the Maritime and Colonial League - was chosen as the new chair of the Master Mariners’ Council. Wiesław Piotrzkowski and Łukasz Lewkowicz were chosen as his deputies

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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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