GMU At the Maritime Sector Forum in Gdynia

The Maritime Sector Forum took place on the 7th and 8th of October in Gdynia and was attended by representatives from Gdynia Maritime University.

The discussion on the first day of the event, which focused on the topic of ports and marine logistics, was moderated by Professor Andrzej Grzelakowski of GMU’s Faculty of Management and Quality Science. Representatives of Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin, and Świnoujście ports, as well as the directors of the Gdańsk and Gdynia container terminals, and Magdalena Fitak of the EU Transport Projects Centre, all took part in the discussion. The panel touched on topics such as the simultaneous development of Poland’s three coastal container terminals and infrastructure projects aimed at efficiently connecting the ports with the road network. The conversation went on to focus on the inadequacy of the current infrastructure, financial models, and the operation of ports and terminals. There was also no shortage of local issues discussed, including the so-called “red route” in Gdynia, and the development of rail access to the coastal ports.

The second day saw debates between the panellists on the future of the maritime sector during a panel on maritime education. The panel was led by Master Mariner Kuba Szymański - the Secretary-General Inter Manager at the International Ship and Crew Management Sector Association. Mr Szymański invited the rectors and directors of maritime academies and schools, and also representatives of ship crewing organisations, crewing managers and directors to contribute to the discussion. Taking part were Admiral Frederick Kenney (IMO), GMU Rector, Professor Adam Weintrit, Master Mariner Alfred Naskręt (Gdynia Maritime School), Professor Arkadiusz Tomczak (Szczecin Maritime Academy), Professor Tomasz Szubrycht (Polish Naval Academy), and Henrik Jensen (Danica Maritime Service). Topics included the need for a change of approach in the recruitment of maritime students, the increasing number of women in the maritime sector, the increasing importance of the quality of teaching staff and providing appropriate conditions for education and gaining experience. The most effective ways of attracting young people and the development of maritime human resources is a continual topic of discussion within the industry, despite admissions to institutions of maritime education remaining at stable levels.

The Jubilee edition of the forum focused on key representatives of companies, institutions and organisations involved in maritime transport, shipbuilding, industry technology and education, with the addition of experts in the fields of sailing and renewable energy.


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