GMU Celebration Day for 102nd Anniversary of Maritime School in Tczew

In a week's time, on 20th and 21st June 2022, the Gdynia Maritime University academic community will celebrate the 102nd anniversary of maritime education in Poland.

The University's June Celebration Day recalls the events of more than 100 years ago, when on 17th June 1920, the Minister for Military Affairs, General Józef Leśniewski, signed an order for the creation of a Maritime School in Tczew.

On this very same day, the head of the Department for Maritime Affairs, Rear Admiral Kazimierz Porębski appointed the authorities of the newly established Maritime School, including Engineer Antoni Garnuszewski as director, Captain as School inspector and head of the Faculty of Navigation, and Engineer Kazimierza Bielskiego as head of the Faculty of Marine Engineering. 

It is with these events that the History of our Gdynia Maritime University, the successor to the Maritime School in Tczew began.

In memory of these events from more than a century ago, Gdynia Maritime University observes its Celebration Day twice a year - once in June to mark the establishment of the School, and once in December in honour of the raising of the Polish flag on the building of the Maritime School in Tczew.

The 102nd Aniversary of  Maritime Education in Poland will be celebrated on 20th and 21st June.

The sitting of the Senate will take place on Monday 20th June at 9:15 am in the Senate Meeting Hall. This will be followed by the presentation of awards by HM Rector of Gdynia Maritime University to University staff.

On Tuesday, 21st June at 8:00 am, the white and red flag will be raised on the main University building on Morska Street. The act of raising the flag as part of the University's Celebration Day is an exception to the rule, as the flag is normally only raised on ships and Polish embassies abroad. However, to this day the white and red flag is hoisted up on the flagpole at 8:00 am sharp on the main University building in Gdynia to the sound of Dąbrowski's Mazurek in memory of the same act carried out on the building of the Maritime School in Tczew in 1920.

At 9:00 on the same day, Holy Mass will be celebrated in the intentions of the University's staff, students, doctoral candidates and alumni at the Gdynia Redemptorist Church on Portowa Street. The mass will be assured an atmosphere of solemnity by the Gdynia Maritime University Academic Choir and the Guard of Honour.

Following mass, the celebrations will continue in the T. Meissner hall in the University's main building,  where at 11:00 am the grand opening of the sitting of the Senate for Celebration Day will be held, alongside celebrations connected with two other special events, namely the conferral on Professor Mirosław Jurdziński, PhD(Eng), Master Mariner, the title of Honorary Doctor of Gdynia Maritime University, as well as marking the 40th anniversary of the raising of the flag on the "Dar Młodzieży".

The celebrations will be broadcast online on the University's YouTube channel.

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