GMU Hosts European STAMP Workshop and Conference

29-30th September saw the 10th edition of the European STAMP Workshop and Conference take place at Gdynia Maritime University's Faculty of Navigation.

The conference, organised by GMU and Gdansk University of Technology, is dedicated to a new qualitative model for analysing complex systems and their deficiencies, known as the System-Theoretic Accident Model and Processes (STAMP). The conference attracted theoreticians and practitioners from higher education institutions and companies in Finland, Greece, Canada, South Korea, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, the USA, Great Britain, and Poland. Papers presented at the conference explored the safety modelling and assessment of independent ships, helicopters, nuclear reactors, anti-cancer treatment, and more. In addition to presenting the results of their research as well as proposals for the improvement of research methods, participants took part in workshops and training sessions led by specialists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

The event was co-financed by the Minister for Education and Science as part of the "Doskonała nauka - Wsparcie konferencji naukowych" [Scientific Excellence - Support for Scientific Conferences] programme.

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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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