GMU Launches Project as Part of Polish Metrology Programme

Tuesday 27th September saw the official launch of a project entitled:  "Concept for the construction of a metrological infrastructure in the underwater acoustics department of The Central Office of Measures", as well as the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Office and GMU.

The project is being conducted as part of the "Polska Metrologia" programme by a consortium comprising Gdynia Maritime University (project leader), Gdansk University of Technology, and Gdansk University. The project is one of 26 that qualified for financing in the first phase of the Programme and received the maximum grant available for a single project of 1,000,000 PLN.

The event, which took place at GMU, was opened by Rector Professor Adam Weintrit. The remainder of the meeting was led by Professor Tomasz Tarasiuk. 

Representing The Central Office of Measures was Dr Andrzej Kurkiewicz, the director of the Department for Innovation and Development and Tomasz Michalik - the director of the Gdansk Office of Measures.

Representing the University of Gdansk were the Deputy Rector for Cooperation and Development, Dr  Sylwia Mrozowska and a team of scientists headed by Professor Jarosław Tęgowski, including Karolina Trzcińska and Dr Jakub Idczak.

Taking part from Gdansk University of Technology were the head of the research team, Dr Jacek Marszal, Dorota Tobała, and Andrzej Jedel—head of the WETI hydroacoustics laboratory.

Gdynia Maritime University was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering,  Krzysztof Górecki, Dr Karol Listewnik - project lead, and Professor Janusz Mindykowski – a member of the research team, as well as Dr Magdalena Kukowska-Kaszuba,  Anna Żulawska, and Anna Mazenek from the Intellectual Property and Research Commercialisation Team, which is supporting the project at the University.

The launch meeting was aimed at presenting the consortium's assumptions and project implementation plan in terms of the required programme indicators. The teams also presented the range of their competencies and defined and specified their tasks. The planned results of these tasks shall be widely analysed and discussed by all participants in the project. An important point of the meeting was the signing of a cooperation agreement between Gdynia Maritime University and The Central Office of Measures within the framework of the programme launched by the Ministry of Education and Science. The parties to the agreement agree to cooperate in the implementation of the results of scientific research and development work in areas related to metrology created in connection with the implementation of the project using their intellectual potential and human capital. The meeting concluded with the development of a common vision for the implementation of the tasks and fulfilment of the expectations set for the consortium.

The Ministry of Education and Science's new 'Polish Metrology' programme aims to support the implementation of projects to raise the research capacity of metrology institutions, strengthen intellectual capital, increase the competitiveness of the Polish economy, develop modern technologies, and stimulate the development of metrology, particularly in the areas of health, environment, energy and advanced measurement techniques, as well as the development of digital technologies.




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