GMU Scientists Win Two Silver Medals at Intarg 2022

Two inventions entered by GMU in the 15th edition of the International Inventions and Innovations Exhibition INTARG®2022 have been awarded a silver medal.

The winning inventions are:

An Innovative Method for Finishing Post-Welded Surfaces By Olhi Dvirnej, DSc(Eng) of the Faculty of Marine Engineering,


A Mobile Electromagnetic Mooring System and Batychron by Grzegorz RutkowskiegoDSc(Eng) and Paweł Kołakowski, MSc(Eng) of the Faculty of Navigation. 

The inventions were assessed on the following criteria: level of innovativeness, market demand, in comparison to alternative global solutions, technical readiness (TRL), commercialisation, economic and social impacts, legal protection strategy, and how they were presented. 

Both solutions were designed under the Innovation Incubator 4.0 project, from which they received funding for the conduction of pre-implementation work aimed at adapting the inventions to the needs of potential buyers and obtaining patent protection.

Providing entity: 

GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

Generated information: