Initiative for the Conversation of Gdynia's Monuments Meets at GMU

On Tuesday 31st May, Gdynia Maritime University hosted the annual "Wspólnie dbamy o gdyńskie zabytki" [Taking care of Gdynia’s monuments together].

Within the University's own monumental walls, we welcomed Gdynia's authorities headed by City Major Dr Wojciech Szczurek, the owners of the city's monuments, individuals responsible for supervising and conducting conservation work on the monuments, monument restoration professionals involved in the associated science, research, and practical restoration, as well as those passionate about Gdynia's monuments. Conservation work conducted in Gdynia during the previous three years was discussed during the meeting.

Gdynia Maritime University has been active as a founding member of the "Zabytkowa Gdynia" [Monumental Gdynia] Association since 2009. As part of the work of the Association, we renovated the elevation of the historic Faculty of Navigation building on John Paul II Street - the site of the old Polish Sailors House and are successively renovating the elevation of the buildings of the main campus on Morska Street. The buildings of the main GMU campus and the Faculty of Navigation building are under protection as listed buildings. We take care of our historic buildings, improving their technical and aesthetic values, and systematically carrying out renovations with the support of conservation professionals, both from the University and the city's conservation authority.

- We try to make our two campuses more attractive each year. The main campus on Morska Street has mainly benefitted from recent renovation work. However, we haven't forgotten about the Faculty of Navigation building. We make every effort to renovate and conserve all our buildings, with the help of the city council. We feel like we are part of Gdynia's monumental heritage and so it's very important for us, said Deputy Rector for Science Professor Dariusz Barbucha.

This year's meeting provided an opportunity to recognise the involvement of Małgorzata Bielska in the connection with Gdynia's monuments with the presentation of an award from the Major of Gdynia, Wojciech Szczurek. Ms Anna Nowakowska also received an award for overseeing renovation work carried out at the University.

Following the meeting, participants were shown the effects of conservation carried out in the T. Meissner hall as well as the renovated elevations of the buildings on the main campus.

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