Join Us for the Independence Parade

On 11th November 2022, Gdynia will traditionally celebrate the anniversary of Poland's regaining of independence in 1918. One of the highlights of the event in Gdynia is the Independence Parade.

This year's Independence Parade will begin at 12.00 pm at Gdynia City Hall and will make its way to the Maritime Poland Monument in Kościuszko Square, where official celebrations will take place with the participation of the City's authorities, heads of the navy, and representatives of social organisations. As every year, the Gdynia Maritime University will also join the celebrations.

We would like to invite all staff and students together with their families to take part. The Independence Parade will take place on Friday 11th November 2022, at 12:00 pm. Gdynia Maritime University students are invited to meet at 11:00 am at the Marshall Józef Piłsudski monument (al. Piłsudskiego in Gdynia), where until 11:15 a GMU formation will be formed to later join the main parade. We will then make our way along al. Piłsudski to the City Hall. Staff and their families are invited to join us at 11:30 am at the Marshall Piłsudski monument. 

Let's represent Gdynia Maritime University in a dignified manner on Independence Day.

Following the Parade, all employees and students are invited to gather for a commemorative photo at the Council of Europe Park. All those taking part on behalf of Gdynia Maritime University will be offered hot soup and a pastry.

For more detailed information please contact the GMU Promotion and Communications Office at: promocja [at] ( (link sends e-mail) ) or tel. 58 558 62 74.

All students who would like to carry a flag during the Independence Parade, wear the outfit of our mascot or a Dar Młodzieży overalls should contact us by 8th November 2022 at promocja [at] ( )

We hope to see you at the Independence Parade!



For more information on the parade, please visit Gdynia Kulturalna

You can also view the event on Facebook


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