Little Students’ Day at GMU

Tuesday 23rd August saw the children of staff visit their parents' place of work to take part in “Little Students’ Day”. A healthy-eating workshop, visits to the Hall of Tradition and experimentation in the physics laboratory in the Faculty of Marine Engineering, and baking are just some of the attractions prepared for the youngsters in what was a fun-filled day of adventure organised by the Promotion and Communication Office at GMU

Originally “Maritime Summer Camp”, before being cancelled because of the Covid-19 epidemic, “Little Students’ Day” has established itself as a permanent highlight in the University’s calendar of events for August. This year, 35 children between the ages of 5 and 14 took part.

The day began at 8:00 am in the Tadeusz Meissner Auditorium, where the children and their parents were welcomed by the University’s promotions team. After being introduced to their hosts and divided into two age groups, they then hurried off enthusiastically to their first activity.

The younger group immersed themselves in the mysterious world of physics under the watchful eyes of Jolanta Kamińska and her two assistants. The older group was introduced by Joanna Stasiak to the exhibits of the Hall of Tradition, including a 20th-century diving helmet and the University’s maritime customs and etiquette.

The two groups then swapped places, the older group exploring sound and buoyancy in the physics laboratory, whilst the younger group were treated to real-life stories about animals who sailed on the “Dar Pomorza”, including a dog called Bear and to which they listened intently. After the stories, the little students asked a lot of questions about the exhibits. Following a short history of the first divers presented by Dr Adam Kaizer in a way which grabbed their attention, the youngsters eagerly tried on a scuba-diving suit. From Michał Kołodziejczak of the Promotions and Communications Office, they also heard about and were given a demonstration of a hunting whistle.

Next, the children met the Rector of Gdynia Maritime University, Professor Adam Weintrit. Having gathered around the round table of the GMU Senate Meeting Hall, the Rector began their meeting with the ringing of the bell - as is traditional at the start of sittings of the Senate. Naturally, the talks explored the University’s history, and those who answered the Rector’s questions correctly were given a prize. A group photo was then taken at the end of the meeting.

Back in the University’s main auditorium,  officers from Gdynia City Police constabulary talk to the youngsters and answered questions on safety during the holidays and the school year.

Then came the time to meet the day’s special guest, a Newfoundland by the name of Nana, who, with her carers from the medical clinic “Gaja Med,” spent some time with the children. Each of them was introduced to the fluffy 55 kg canine individually and could stroke, feed, and even cuddle her. Nana also carried out the orders of her carer. Whilst one group was enjoying their time with the dog, the other took some souvenir pictures in a specially organised photo booth.

After 4 hours of activities came time for lunch served in the University canteen. The hungry children then took part in a cooking class, where, with Dr Milena Ruszkowska, they each chose fruits and vegetables for juicing. They also listened to interesting anecdotes on taste buds, tastes, aromas, and nutritional value of vegetables, fruits, and spices by Dr Natalia Żak, who illustrated many of her points with taste tests of fruits, vegetables, and sweets!

The last activities of the day saw the two groups head off once again in two different directions - the younger group headed for the kitchen, where they baked deliciously sweet and fragrant buns with the help of Renata Korzeniowskiej–Ginter and learnt how grain is turned into flour. The older group took part in a workshop in the ship powerplant simulator,  led by Adam Przybyt.

At the end of an eventful day the kids gathered once again in the auditorium where before thanking and saying their goodbyes to GMU staff, they were gifted a book of stories with a cover in memory of the occasion.  “Little Students’ Day” 2022 proved to be great fun for all involved (the staff too) and the little students also learned a great deal.  And, of course, the little smiling faces made it all the more worthwhile.

Thanks to all those involved in helping to make this year’s event a great success.

 Special thanks go to:

  • Adam and Aleksandra Kaizer
  • Millena Ruszkowska
  • Renata Korzeniowska-Ginter
  • Jolanta Kamińska
  • Joanna Stasiak
  • Natalia Żak
  • Adam Przybyta

as well as Ewa Brzozowska from the police constabulary in Gdynia.

We can't wait to see you all again next year!

GMU Promotion and Communications Office.


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