Master Mariners' Association Celebrates 45 Years in Existence

Saturday 11th June 2022, saw the marking of the 45th anniversary of the Master Mariner’s Association on board the “Dar Pomorza”. Celebrations began with a holy mass said by Father Edward Pracz, Pastor of the People of the Sea and the Association’s chaplain, whilst the music of a Ukrainian duet accompanied the celebration of the Eucharist.                                                             

After holy mass, the captains and their invited guests commemorated the occasion by gathering for a photo on the bow of the sailing ship.

Shortly after 7 pm, the group gathered for the main event, which was moderated by Alexander Gosk  – an honorary member of the Association. After greeting the guests, a speech was made by the Chair of the Master Mariner’s Association,  Dr Andrzej Królikowski. On the creation and the early years of the Association spoke its founder,  Zbigniew Sulatycki - Chair of the Maritime Convent; Professor  Daniel Duda – Rector Emeritus of Gdynia Maritime University; and  Leszek Górecki – the Association’s first Chair.

The next part of the ceremony involved the acceptance into the Association of honorary members. As part of the anniversary celebrations, admitted were Professor Dorota Pyć – head of the Department of Maritime law at Gdańsk University, and Małgorzata Sokołowska – author, chronicler of Gdynia, and editor-in-chief of the Maritime University Courier. Following a short eulogy, as is tradition, the honorary members were presented with captain’s hats.

Many letters of congratulations and best wishes were received for the occasion from, among others,  The Piłsudski Association, Maritime and Colonial League, Gdynia city council authorities, members of Parliament, and chairs of maritime associations.

On behalf of GMU, words of congratulations were spoken by HM Rector Professor Adam Weintrit, who also expressed gratitude for the Association’s cooperation with the University.

The final part of the celebrations saw the symbolic launch of the third volume of “Falami Pisana. Wspomnienia Kapitanów” [Written in the Waves -  Recollections of Captains]”, edited by Cezary Spigarski, by Professor Dorota Pyć.

Many members of the Master Mariner’s Association are staff and graduates of our University, including  Rector Professor Adam Weintrit and Dr Grzegorz Rutkowski – a member of the Association’s main council for the current term.

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