Professor Jurdziński Nominated for Honorary Doctorate

On 25th November 2021, following the nomination of HM Rector Professor Adam Weintrit, the Senate of GMU voted unanimously to begin the procedure for the award of an honorary doctoral degree to Professor Mirosław Jurdziński, DSc(Eng), Master Mariner.

During the 11th sitting of the Senate of the 17th term of office, Rector Professor Weintrit presented the candidate’s background and arguments for the award of the honorary title to Professor Jurdziński, the “father of Polish navigation”.

Prof. Jurdziński is a co-founder of the Polish school of navigation and higher maritime education in terms of programs and organisation of studies in the field of Navigation - argued Professor Adam Weintrit.

The Senate of Gdynia Maritime University authorised the Rector to address the Senates of Szczecin Maritime University, the Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia and the Gdańsk University of Technology with a request for an opinion on the matter, and to address Professor Stanisław Gucma from the Maritime University of Szczecin, Professor Andrzej Felski from Polish Naval Academy in Gdynia and Professor Cezary Specht from the Gdynia Maritime University with a request for an opinion on the award of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Professor Mirosław Jurdziński.

Professor Jurdziński is the author of more than 50 textbooks and part works on navigation and operation of vessels, including core works such as Astronawigacja [Astronavigation], Nawigacja [Navigation], Podstawy bezpiecznej eksploatacji masowców [Safety essentials in the operation of bulk carriers]. He is also the author of more than 300 papers, research works, and expert appraisals and reviews. His research interests include marine navigation, astronavigation and route planning.

His career was connected with the sea both in theory and practice. After graduating from the Faculty of Navigation at the State Maritime School in Szczecin (relocated from Gdynia in 1947), he began work on the ships of the Polish Merchant Navy, becoming a qualified master mariner in 1963. Six years later, he completed his studies within the Faculty of Electronics at the Gdansk University of Technology, and in 1975, he was awarded a technical sciences doctorate in navigation. He was granted the title of Associate Professor in 1974.

Professor Jurdziński has been connected with maritime education since 1959 when he took up the role of lecturer and head of seamanship training at the State School of Marine Fishing. For many years, he held the post of director of the Maritime Navigation Institute (during 1978 – 1984 and 1987 – 1991). Beginning in 1984, he fulfilled the role of deputy rector for scientific research and international cooperation. He was for an extensive time involved in the work of the IMO and its predecessor – the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO).

In 1983, the secretary-general of the IMO appointed Professor Mirosław Jurdziński visiting professor at the World Maritime University in Malmo, where he taught satellite navigation and route planning until 1990. He has been a member of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IMLA) since 1977 and The Nautical Institute in London since 1979. From 1977 until 1982, he chaired the STW section of the National Centre for IMO Affairs, followed by the section for the Safety of Navigation in 1983-2000. He was also a long-standing member of the environmental team of the Exploitation Basics Section of the Machine Building Committee and the Navigation Section of the Geodesy and Navigation Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Professor Mirosław Jurdziński has been involved with Gdynia Maritime University since 1964. Starting as a senior lecturer, he later went on to become an assistant professor, associate professor, and in 1994, a full professor. He also taught astronavigation and navigation to students and officer cadets attending courses organised by the Officer Training Centre, and currently lectures on navigation, route planning, and magnetic compass deviation.

Professor Jurdziński has been awarded Bronze and Gold Crosses of Merit, the Knight’s Cross, the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta, a gold medal for long service, the National Education Committee Medal, silver and gold badges for “Meritorious Maritime Personnel” and a badge of honour “For Meritorious Service to the Lands of Gdansk”. 

In 2019, Professor Jurdziński was awarded the prestigious Hevelius Award by the Poland Branch of The Nautical Institute during the TransNav Conference 2019 for his exceptional contribution to the field of navigation.

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