University Begins Cooperation with Bolesław Romanowski Inland Sailing School in Nakle Nad Notecią.

On 22th June 2022, Director of the Ship Management Office, Dr/Captain Bogumił Łączyński,  and Technical Inpector Anastazja Łuczak visited the Bolesław Romanowski Association of Inland Sailing Schools Nakle Nad Notecią, near Bydgoszcz.

The meeting concerned the establishment of cooperation between the school and Gdynia Maritime University for traineeships on one of the University’s training vessels “Horyzont II” by third-year inland navigation technician students. After obtaining their diploma and completing a 2-month supervised internship in the engine department of a sea-going vessel, the students of the technical school qualify as certified watchkeeping engineers.

Following discussions with School Director Kazimierz Toczko and course tutor Paweł Ciereszko,  the staff from GMU met up with students to briefly introduce them to the Horyzont II and  Give students the chance to ask questions about their training which will begin on 15th September and last for four weeks. 

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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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