Work Begins to Redevelop the Grounds of Faculty of Navigation

Work has begun to modernise the grounds of the University’s Faculty of Navigation. The work will include the reconstruction of the underground infrastructure, and redevelopment of the car park and the green areas of the grounds, including the replacement of plants and landscape architecture. Also planned is the installation of new lighting and pavements.

The redevelopment project will modernise the area in front of the Faculty of Navigation building - a total of 11,090 m². The investment will improve the safety of the area for students, staff, and doctoral candidates of the Faculty, whilst having a positive effect on the building’s image in the eyes of local residents and visitors to the University. The Faculty of Navigation is near Gdynia’s Skwer Kościuszki - the area of the city most often visited by tourists, and nearby is the permanent mooring place of the University’s training vessels, the “Dar Młodzieży” and the “Horyzont II”.

Work includes the removal of elements of the current landscape architecture, the demolition of paving, changes and upgrading of the existing road layout and the cultivation of green areas.

The redevelopment plans include a park and recreational area, and a more prestigious entrance area to the building. A square with ornamental greenery elements has been designed opposite the main entrance. On the northwest side, there will be an extended car park with some greenery, small architecture and pedestrian routes. Bike parking will be added near the building’s underpass. On the south side, a decorative green square has been designed, while on the west side there will be a recreational zone that keeps the existing trees and adds terraces from paving stones and decorative chippings. Ornamental greenery is also planned for the south side.

New plants will also be added in the car park at the side entrance to the central part of the building, including decorative shrubs and grasses, perennials and lawns,   as well as elements of small architecture such as benches, flower pots, walls, litter bins, and flagpoles. -

The cost of the investment is 8,400,900 PLN. The redevelopment is funded by the national budget and University capital. 

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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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