Environmental Research For the Offshore Industry – a New Phase of Cooperation Between GMU and MEWO SA

Gdynia Maritime University Rector Prof. Adam Weintrit, DSc, Eng., Master Mariner, President of MEWO SA Paweł Gajewski and and Vice President Michał Głuszczyński, concluded an agreement onboard the Dar Mołodzieży yesterday, 15th July 2021, by which the University will begin a new phase of its long-standing cooperation within the Pomerania-based company.

MEWO SA currently partners with the University’s Maritime Institute (based at GMU since 2019) in conducting environmental research - a necessary precursor to investment in marine areas. Especially important are pre-investment feasibility studies for the offshore wind power sector. Energy industry Companies that have previously partnered MEWO SA include PKN ORLEN - Baltic Power, PGE Baltica, Polenergia, OceanWinds, Polskie Sieci Energetyczne, and Ramboll/Gaz-System. The company is also currently involved in the construction of Gdynia Maritime University’s Centre for the Offshore Industry, a project which is co-financed by the EU through the Pomerania Development Agency.

The agreement will allow the partners to extend their existing activities, both in terms of research and scientific content as well as additional activities for the maritime and energy sectors, where the preparation of staff for the offshore sector is of particular importance.

The increase in the range of services provided is mainly the result of ongoing investments in offshore wind energy progressing into the next phases of their implementation and the new challenges this poses for research and research services. The increased capabilities and the development of the laboratory infrastructure, vital in the provision of comprehensive services, will allow the partners to continue their involvement in current and new offshore investment projects.

The extensive competencies and experience gained through maritime industry-focused scientific work conducted within the Electrical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Navigation and Management and Quality Science faculties of the Gdynia Maritime University also provide further scope for the development and implementation of new technological and operational solutions involving the partners.The cooperation is expected to contribute to collaborative R & D projects for offshore wind energy whilst allowing for the exchange of expertise, and the commercialisation of solutions within the industry.

There are also plans to involve MEWO SA practitioners in the development of the University’s degree programmes to improve and better ensure the optimal orientation of content to the industry.

The meeting onboard the Dar Młodzieży also provided an opportunity to discuss the partners’ current activities as well as the challenging projects that lie ahead.


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