GMU Promoted at IMO Headquarters

Poland is an official candidate for the IMO Council for the years 2024-2025. The nomination of our country took place on 15th May 2023 at the headquarters of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in London during the promotion of the scientific and educational potential of Polish maritime universities. The event was attended by GMU Rector Professor Adam Weintrit and Dr Dariusz Barbucha, GMU Deputy Rector for Science. 

Among the guests were the Permanent Representatives of the Association's Member States, diplomats, and IMO staff. Poland was represented by the Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure, Grzegorz Witkowski, the Ambassador of Poland to the UK, Mr Piotr Wilczek, Poland's permanent representative to the International Maritime Organisation, Ms Małgorzata Buszynski, Rector of Gdynia Maritime University, Professor Adam Weintrit, GMU Deputy Rector for Science, Dr Dariusz Barnucha, and the Maritime University of Szczecin's Deputy Rector for Maritime Affairs, Arkadiusz Tomczak. 

He officially announced the nomination of Poland to the IMO Council for the period 2024-2025 in category C. He stressed that one of the many points Poland can be proud of is the strong position of its maritime universities and their excellent programmes for the education of maritime personnel. The minister commented that Poland sees modern maritime education and research as key factors in the sustainable development of the maritime economy.

"A well-educated mariner has a better understanding of modern solutions, autonomous shipping, cyber security, and environmental protection," said Minister Witkowski.

He added that Poland's maritime universities intend to establish stronger cooperation with the World Maritime University in Malmo, as well as other maritime universities around the world. In his assessment, both universities have made excellent progress in improving their expertise in the development of maritime education and training programmes and the training of foreign cadets at sea. Both Universities are planning further development in this area, with particular emphasis on African countries. They are also adapting themselves to the market requirements, including providing specialist courses of study, such as Gdynia Maritime University's Executive Offshore Wind MBA, which is carried out in collaboration with international partners, providing qualified personnel for the maritime and offshore industries.

Around 200 participants, representing countries from around the world, were given the opportunity to get to know Gdynia Maritime University. The Rector presented the research and educational potential of GMU, highlighting the contribution of our University to the development of the maritime economy in Poland.

"The promotion of the University at the seat of the IMO is the result of the realisation of the assumptions for the second part of the term of office connected with the internationalisation of the University," said Professor Adam Weintrit.

"We have well-trained and experienced staff. We are responding to the dynamically changing situation in the labour market. Our University is well known and recognised around the world, and this is something we must make good use of. A meeting like this with a large international group of representatives responsible for maritime affairs in their home countries is an excellent opportunity to establish new relations.

Dr Dariusz Barbucha noted:

"a great deal of interest at the event in the areas of research conducted at the Gdynia Maritime University, the expert activity carried out in scientific research projects, as well as the course we are offering, and this presents our University to other entities as an attractive prospect for cooperation, while allowing us to achieve many benefits in the short and long term".

The election of the Rector of the Gdynia Maritime University as the Chair of the IAMU highlights the strong position of Gdynia Maritime University in the world and leads to additional opportunities for cooperation. For years, GMU experts have been actively involved in the work of the IMO as co-authors of the Convention, the Code, and the Resolution - key documents related to maritime safety.

The IMO is a United Nations specialised agency dedicated to maritime affairs, in particular maritime safety, and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships. The agency enforces the legislation for 80% of our planet.

The IMO Council is currently composed of 40 members elected by the IMO Assembly for two years in three categories: 10 countries with the largest share of international vessels, 10 countries with the largest share of international maritime trade, and 20 countries not previously chosen, which specialise in maritime transport and navigation, and which are elected to the Council to ensure representation from all major regions of the world.



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