Retired Staff Gather for Meeting at GMU

On Tuesday 13th June 2023, a meeting took place between the Rector and retired staff members of Gdynia Maritime University.

The meeting was attended by Professor Adam Weintrit, Deputy Rector for Cooperation and Development, Professor Tomasz Tarasiuk, Captain  Waldemar Frankiewicz, the new Captain of the "Dar Młodzieży", the Chair of the GMU Worker's Union, Jacek Hałaczkiewicz, the Chair of NSZZ Solidarność, Marek Lubowiecki, and the Head of the Promotion and Communications Office,  Bartosz Tobieński.

The meeting was opened by the Chair of the Workers' Union, Jacek Hałaczkiewicz, who addressed the more than 150 former University staff members present with the following words:

- "It's become something of a tradition in recent years that we gather together in such a group. It is rather unique and something special that those who once worked here can gather here again for what is often the only opportunity to spend some time together and maintain long-standing relationships. These are occasions that touch not only all of you but also us who still work here. "

- "Many of the people I see here today worked together with me for many years," - added the Rector. - "I've been connected with the University for 43 years, and many of you for longer still" Therefore, I feel great in your company, and I am pleased to welcome you back once again to Gdynia Maritime University.

During the meeting, the Rector spoke about the University today and its current projects as the GMU Centre for the Offshore Industry in Gdansk, and the Sports and Recreation Centre, which is currently undergoing construction on the main University campus. The Rector also added that the construction of a new student residence is something that the University is currently considering.  

After enjoying the opportunity to reminisce and chat with the University's authorities, the retired staff members were gifted with promotional merchandise from the University's shop.

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