Call for research proposals for All Academic Staff in FY2025

Call for research proposals for All Academic Staff in FY2025

Since FY2010, IAMU has launched a research project system (supported by The Nippon Foundation) to bring about further progress in capacity building among the IAMU member universities. This research project system has been renewed from FY2018 by launching a new research project system.

Taking the contents of the annual report prepared by the Liaison Committee into account, the working group on research projects established under the Academic Affairs Committee has selected the following 4 themes for research proposals in FY2025, which are for All Academic Staff at the IAMU member universities:

  • Theme 1- The Future Trends in Maritime Education and Training
  • Theme 2- Emerging technologies in the maritime industry
  • Theme 3- Shipping in the era of reducing emissions
  • Theme 4- Optional (Related to IAMU goals and objectives)

Those who are interested in submitting a research proposal for one of the themes above should visit the IAMU website ( to download the application forms, and

  1. Prepare a research proposal taking possible concepts into account, desired goals for each theme, and the maximum amount of budget allocated to each theme as shown in Annex 1(AAS) to this paper, and
  2. Submit the application forms by e-mail with the subject “RP2025 Theme X” to the IAMU Secretariat shown below by midnight, 31 May 2024 JST (Japan Standard Time). Annexes 2 and 3 will give you the detailed procedure for your application.

Contact person: Coordinator, Shigemi Matsuzaki
e-mail: project [at]


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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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