First "Journey to Knowledge" Project a Great Success

In January 2024, the first edition of a cycle of webinars carried out as part of the project entitled "Journey to Knowledge" [Rejs do wiedzy] came to an end at the Faculty of Management and Quality Science at Gdynia Maritime University. This is the second project carried out by faculty staff aimed at promoting the exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of scientific research results among a wide range of audiences, including middle school students, teachers/guardians, the employed, unemployed, and retired.

During the period 8 November 2023 until 24 January 2024, 661 young people from around Poland took part in 17 webinars. The project was widely promoted on the radio, online, and in newsletters, as well as invitations being sent out to schools, employment offices, retirement homes, and more.

Participants learnt about the fascinating world of science and current results from different research areas. The webinars provided opportunities to raise awareness of the current global issues, including in particular climate, ecological and health risks. Topics also included technological novelties, energy transformation, urban micromobility, the demographic situation of Poland, and many others.

A second edition of the webinars is due to begin in April 2024. For more details, please visit

The project is financed by the State budget allocated by the Minister for Education and Science as part of the programme "Social Responsibility of Science II", project No. POPUL/SP/0238/2023/01, funding amount: 137,499 PLN; project value: 152,779 PLN



Joanna Kizielewicz, DSc, Associate Professor
Project Lead
Deputy Rector for Development and Cooperation




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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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