GMU Hosts Traditional Maritime Ball

GMU hosted guests for its traditional Maritime Ball on 10 February at the University's Tadeusz Meissner Hall - decorated in the style of the 1920s. Attractions at the event included an exquisite menu, live music, a traditional polonaise dance and a live artistic interpretation of the University's history in salt.

The traditional Maritime Ball took place on the last Saturday of Carnival, which this year fell on 10 February - a highly symbolic date for Gdynia and Poland. The principal theme of the ball was the 104th anniversary of Poland's marriage to the sea and the 98th anniversary of the founding of the city of Gdynia.

Guests were welcomed by Professor Adam Weintrit and his wife and invited to take a souvenir photograph in front of a specially prepared backdrop. University students then seated the guests at their tables, marked with the names of the most important places in Gdynia. 

The ball began at 8:00 pm following the smashing of 8 glasses on the University's ship bell.

In welcoming those in attendance, Rector Professor Adam Weintrit referred to the exceptional date of this year's historic event:

Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you warmly to our University. I am pleased that you have accepted our invitation to spend the last Saturday of Carnival at Gdynia Maritime University.

The tradition of this ball dates back to the pre-war period, and today, 10th February is a special day. On this day in 1920, Poland was symbolically married to the sea. There were several of these weddings in history, including after the Second World War. The wedding, which took place after the First World War was a special event, particularly for the maritime community, as it marked the beginning of a period in which the Maritime School was founded, the port in Gdynia was built, and Poland's maritime environment flourished. 

The Rector also spoke of the 98th anniversary of the founding of the city of Gdynia:

[…} Let us raise a toast to the success of maritime Poland, and the prosperity of our city, which celebrates its birthday and whose mayor and chair of the City Council are here with us today. […]

Music at the event was provided by the live band Grupa D-Tonacja and hosted by Alexander Gosk.

The surprise of the evening was an impressive show by Magdalena Suchek-Bąk. The artist presented the history of the University and Gdynia in images created using only her hands and a special type of salt.

At midnight, a cake accompanied by burning flares entered the hall, where the first piece was cut by the Rector. Following the sweet treat, the night's King and Queen of dance were announced.

Among the guests were local government authorities, representatives of the University's partner companies and institutions, and the rectors and staff of the University.


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