GMU Takes Part in Edu Offshore Wind Careers Education Fair

On 5-6 March 2024, Gdynia Maritime University took part in the 2nd EDU OFFSHORE WIND Careers Education Fair at AMBEREXPO in Gdansk.

The University is a partner of the event which enjoyed a successful first edition last year when it was attended by almost 5000 secondary school pupils. Once again this year GMU representatives participated in the event by presenting the degree programmes at Gdynia Maritime University and the opportunities for graduates of its courses related to the offshore industry. This year's fair welcomed around 8000 young people to explore opportunities for study in green energy at a total of 100 stands.

Gdynia Maritime University presented its offshore-related degrees and courses at stand B.99. The University offers offshore-related degree programmes at both undergraduate (1st-cycle) and postgraduate (2nd-cycle) levels, as well as a postgraduate diploma and an Executive MBA programme. Graduates of these programmes are highly qualified experts sought after in the dynamically developing global maritime industry.

GMU also introduced visitors to elements of marine rescue equipment as well as 'Tundra' - a concept vehicle for coastal and inland waterway rescue. The off-road vehicle can move on very diverse terrain, including areas that are flooded with water and unreachable for ordinary vehicles. Members of the Electric Vehicles Student Scientific Circle 'EVPL' were on hand to provide all those interested with information on the vehicle's capabilities.

Also on display were other GMU inventions, a lifeboat 'Merlin' and the 'Batychron'.  Merlin is a fast lifeboat with excellent manoeuvrability and resistance to the hard conditions of the open sea. The special construction of the boat guarantees its crew comfortable conditions during long patrols, as well as the possibility of displacement, even after damage to the parts of the ship under the surface and when fully laden. The 'Batychron' is an underwater bell and part of the solution officially known as "Innovative equipment of the intervention/service watercraft: Mobile Electromagnetic Mooring System and Batychron". The invention won the award for the best innovation at the 15th International Technology Transfer Conference in 2022.

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