Professor Krzysztof Czaplewski Appointed to Young Scientists' Scholarships Advisory Council

By a Decision of the Ministry of Science of 2 February 2024, Professor Krzysztof Czaplewski, the Director of the GMU Maritime Institute, has been appointed to the Advisory Council for the Evaluation of Applications for the Award of Scholarships from the Minister for Higher Education and Science for Students and Young Scientists.

HM The Rector of Gdynia Maritime University, Professor Adam Weintrit, extends his sincerest congratulations to Professor Czaplewski for his appointment.


The prestigious three-year scholarships awarded by the Minister for Higher Education and Science are given to outstanding young scientists with significant scientific achievements. The assessment of the application shall be carried out by an advisory team composed of experts appointed by the Minister representing each of the scientific and artistic disciplines. 


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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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