Top Physics Students Awarded with Trip to Switzerland

Top Physics Students Awarded with Trip to Switzerland

From 22nd until 27th January 2024, Gdynia Maritime Students and pupils from the 2nd General Secondary School in Gdynia took part in a joint trip to Switzerland as part of an educational project promoting science, in particular Physics.

The first joint trip in connection with the project was to the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Świerk. The trip involved students from the Faculty of Marine Engineering as part of a cooperation agreement between the Physics Department of the GMU Faculty of Marine Engineering and the 2nd General Secondary School in Gdynia.

This year, the Dean of the Faculty of Marine Engineering proposed making the trip available to students from other GMU Faculties. As a result, students who gained the highest grade in Physics were given a place on a trip to Switzerland to visit the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich and CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

The awarded students were:

  • Anna Zawistowska and Rafał Okroj - Faculty of Marine Engineering
  • Maria Minczykow and Wiktoria Dumińska - Faculty of Navigation
  • Adam Sokolnicki - Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Places on the excursion were funded by the Deans of each Faculty: Professor Andrzej Miszczak, Professor Tomasz Neumann and Professor Krzysztof Górecki.

Planning and organisation: Renata Stolarczyk (2nd General Secondary School in Gdynia) and Jolanta Kamińska (Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics at GMU).
Educational supervision: Dr Katarzyna Boniewicz-Szmyt (Dean's co-ordinator for cooperation with the Gdynia School).

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GMU/Gdynia Maritime University

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