Gdynia Maritime University consists of two objects. The first one is situated in one of the most important streets of the town – Morska Street. Next to it, on the beautiful hill in Beniowskiego Street, Student Seaman Houses No. 3 and 4 of Gdynia Maritime University are situated. Students accommodated there have a very short distance to the University, and from the windows of their rooms can admire beautiful views of the town, the port and the sea.

The other object is situated in the city center at the very seaside – namely, the wonderful Jana Pawła II Alley, a part of Kościuszko Square. Most of its windows overlook the sea. In one of the buildings there is a swimming pool with a spectator gallery overlooking the bay. Not far from it, another Student Seaman House No. 2 of Gdynia Maritime University is situated in Sędzickiego Street. Students accommodated there can just take a 2-minute walk to the public beach and the city center.

The distance between the two objects of Gdynia Maritime University is just a few stops by bus, trolleybus or shuttle train.

Student accomodation regulations in Seaman Houses of Gdynia Maritime University

I. General provisions

  1. The Student Seaman House (Studencki Dom Marynarza - SDM) constitutes an integral part of the University and is a place of residence for students entitled to live there; it is their place of work, relax and cultural entertainment.

  2. The SDM and objects belonging to it are a property of the University and shall be subject to special protection and concern of its residents expressed by their due care to keep it in the appropriate technical, sanitary and aesthetic condition.

  3. All residents of the SDM are represented by the Resident Council of a particular SDM.

  4. Tasks and entitlements of the Resident Council are determined by the Regulations of the Student Government of Gdynia Maritime University.

II. Tasks of the SDM Administration

The SDM Administration, bearing the name of the Student Houses Department, shall deal with all administrative matters connected with accommodating students in the SDM and shall provide proper social and living conditions for its residents; in particular it shall:

  • run financial matters connected with the payment of fees for residence,

  • fix equipment and furnishings, excluding the equipment that was hired for the residents’ use under their name and that has been devastated or used in an inappropriate way,

  • accommodate students and deal with all the formalities connected with it,

  • give them the key and show them their room and then at the termination of a contract take the key back and check the room in presence of the Resident Council,

  • if necessary, arrange for sanitary actions such as: extermination of insects or rats,

  • keep all common areas clean, except the shared facilities for students’ personal use,

  • keep a register of the hired equipment,

  • if necessary, notify of necessary overall or partial renovation; realize the recommendations of Sanepid (sanitary organization), fire safety regulations, etc.,

  • execute the regulations of the SDM laid down in chapter III,

  • keep control (through receptionists) of people coming in and out of the SDM,

  • run a storage room (deposit) according to the separately laid down regulations or a civil agreement.

III. Internal Regulations of the SDM

  1. Students rights to reside in the SDM are governed by separately laid down regulations.

  2. A duty of every resident is to pay a fee for accommodation in the SDM by the 15th of a given month. In particular:
    a) a student shall pay a fee for accommodation from the date a residential place was made available for him,
    b) in case of an early withdrawal from the SDM (before the last day of the month) and during the September examination session the fees are calculated daily,
    c) in individual, special cases the Administration Director may allow residents to put off the payment of a fee, upon the dean’s opinion. The residents shall then submit the appropriate request approved by the Resident Council to the Head of the SDM,
    d) a daily fee constitutes 1/30 part of the monthly fee paid by a student,
    e) in case of outstanding payments the SDM administration charges interest on the delayed payments according to the currently binding ordinance of the Council of Ministers on determination of the interest rate calculation.
    Formula: the fee x the number of delayed days x the interest rate: 360

  3. A student is entitled to accommodate in the room, where he/she has been granted a place. A change of the room in justifiable cases (marriages, siblings, other special cases) is possible upon the previous approval of respectively:
    - the Head of the Student Houses Department and the Resident Council of the SDM the change concerns – in case of a change between the SDM,
    - the Head of the SDM and the Resident Council – in case of a change of the room in a given SDM.

  4. A resident of the SDM shall be held financially responsible for the furnishings and equipment in the room he/she was granted a place in, after earlier acquaintance with its condition. He/she shall observe the fire safety regulations and industrial regulations; in particular he/she shall:
    - know and follow the alarm instruction procedure in case of fire spotting and observe bans and orders concerning fire safety,
    - be acquainted with location and usage of the extinguishing equipment,
    - in case of fire spotting, immediately inform the receptionist or the fire brigade, start to extinguish the fire and realize the evacuation procedures.

  5. In justifiable cases, the Head of the SDM or another administrative worker of the SDM together with a representative of the Resident Council is eligible to enter a room in resident’s absence. After such entry an official record must be written down each time.
    An administrative worker of the SDM may enter the room on his/her own only in special cases, such as: rescue of life, health or wealth; repairs on residents’ demand or other important cases (for instance: extermination of insects).

  6. Visitors can stay in rooms only upon the roommates’ consent between: 6.00am and 11.00pm.

  7. In justifiable cases some authorized people from the Resident Council may grant permission to visitors (friends or relatives) on one-off basis to stay in the room between 11.00pm and 6.00am upon a written consent of the roommates. The consent must be submitted to the SDM reception before 11 p.m. Such permission cannot be granted to students deprived of the residence right in the SDM.

  8. A resident is eligible to stay in other student houses at night only when he/she leaves the resident’s card at the reception. Not leaving the card at the reception shall result in treating a visitor as a person from outside. In such a situation the SDM administration will charge the visitor with the costs of accommodation according to the current rates.

  9. Every visitor is obliged to leave an ID at the reception.

  10. A resident having visitors shall be held responsible for their stay on the territory of the SDM and shall take all consequences of their conduct.

  11. On the territory of the SDM Quiet Hours are 11.00pm - 7.30am.

  12. The Head of the Student Houses Department together with the chairperson of the Resident Council, for very important and justified reasons, may change the character and the hours of visits or may suspend them on a temporary basis.

  13. It is especially forbidden to:
    a) use in the rooms: spirit burners, propane burners, grills, electric heaters, except devices approved by the University administration or agreed on by the Head of the SDM,
    b) fix, alter or repair installations of any type,
    c) leave unattended any power supplied devices,
    c) throw to sanitary facilities any objects that might cause their damage or defective work,
    d) alter locks, duplicate keys or install extra locks,
    e) throw through the windows: bottles, bags with water, rubbish, petards and any other objects; or put any objects on the outer window sills,
    f) sub-let the places granted by the University authorities,
    g) accommodate not entitled people in the granted room,
    h) conduct on the territory of the SDM any illegal business activity,
    i) hold students events in corridors, halls, kitchens and washing rooms, j) install aerials or the Internet cables,
    k) get onto the window sills or roofs,
    1) tamper the extinguishing equipment or any other devices.

  14. Residents of the SDM are obliged to leave the keys at the reception – in order to get them back, they must have the valid resident card of a given SDM.

  15. Smoking cigarettes is allowed only in smoking- areas.

  16. In case of uninhabited places, the Head of the SDM is eligible to move students living on their own to another room in such a way as to vacate the whole rooms or flats.

  17. The regulations contained in p.16 are binding from the date set out by the Head of the SDM of a new place.

  18. All people staying or living on the territory of the SDM are obliged to observe all the provisions of the herein Regulations.

IV. Rights and Duties of a resident of the SDM

  1. A resident of a student house is eligible to:
    a) elect and be elected to the Resident Council. The procedure and the rules of holding the election for the Resident Council are established by the Student Government of Gdynia Maritime University,
    b) to participate in creation of the Resident Council programs and their realization,
    c) be updated on the work of the Resident Council,
    d) use all devices, rooms and equipment designed for public use in accordance with the user’s regulations,
    e) have visitors on the territory of the SDM during the visiting hours,
    f) make alterations to decorations and furnishings of the room only to the extent that will not affect the general scheme of the room and, after the termination of an accommodation contract, leave the room in an undamaged condition.

  2. A resident of the student house is obliged to:
    a) observe the herein Regulations and commonly accepted rules of social life,
    b) protect the property of the SDM and object to any inappropriate attitude toward this property,
    c) for any deliberate damage of the equipment and furnishings residents shall be held financially responsible. In case an offender is not identified, residents of the room, apartment, storey or building shall hold equal financial responsibility. The residents are obliged to replace lost or damaged items or to pay for them,
    d) submit to the decisions and resolutions of the Resident Council and the SDM administration, issued within their competence,
    e) maintain the room and its furnishings clean as well as the shared facilities and common areas,
    f) inform the SDM administration or the Resident Council about any noticed damage, failures or break-downs, etc..

V. Loss of the right to reside in the SDM

  1. A student loses his/her right to be a resident before the termination of the period he was granted a place for if:
    a) without a justified reason he/she does not use the granted place for the period of time longer than 7 days from the date of the agreed period of accommodation,
    b) he/she is excluded from the list of students,
    c) he/she has lost the right to accommodation upon the decision of the Disciplinary Commission, the dean or the rector (the deadline of up to three days), unless the decision has to be carried out with immediate effect,
    d) without a justified reason he/she has not paid the accommodation fee for 2 months,
    e) in case of using the accommodation of someone else – the termination of accommodation refers both to the person staying at the place and the person enabling this (that is: sub-letting this place),
    f) he/she refuses to register his/her residence.
    g) a person that is not entitled to accommodation stays in the room – then: all residents of the room terminate their contract of accommodation.
    These students lose the right to accommodation in the SDM until the end of a given academic year.

  2. In case of breaching the Regulations of the SDM, and especially committing offences under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, the Head of the SDM upon the consultation with the dean may terminate the contract of accommodation with this student with immediate effect.

  3. In other cases of breaching the Regulations of the SDM, the cases will be dealt with by the dean upon the opinion of the Head of the SDM and the Resident Council.

  4. A student is obliged to vacate the SDM within 7 days from the date of the completion of studies;

VI. Rewards and penalties

  1. Residents may be rewarded and awarded with distinction for the exemplary attitude and work on the territory of the SDM on the written request of the Resident Council and/or the SDM administration. The addressee of the request should be the dean, who decides about the value and the form of a reward.

  2. A student shall be punished extremely severely for selling alcohol and drugs and for offences committed under their influence, as well as damaging the University’s property.

  3. In case of breaching these Regulations the procedure and penalties are used in accordance with the regulations laid down in the Higher Education Act.

VII. Final provisions

The Rector of Gdynia Maritime University shall be the appeal authority in all matters governed by these regulations.



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