Horyzont II

The vessel was launched on 22th June, 1999 in Gdańsk Repair Shipyard. The Godmother was Ms Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, the President of the National Bank of Poland.

“Horyzont II”, with the most advanced equipment, can accommodate 57 people aboard (including crew, students and scientists) in comfortable single and double cabins. It has also been designed to carry cargo (two 20 ft containers) and to conduct research concerning the sea, which is realized, among others, during her regular voyages to Spitsbergen.

The construction of the vessel was financed with the resources obtained from the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Economy, the Sate Committee of Scientific Research and with our own financial resources obtained from different sponsors and from donations.

The sponsors that helped the Academy in raising financial resources were, among others:

  • the President of the Republic of Poland - Aleksander Kwaśniewski 
  • Port Gdynia Holding S.A. 
  • Alfa Laval Sp. z o.o. 
  • UB Shipping Poland Limited 
  • Maritime Freight Poland Sp. z o.o. 
  • Morska Agencja w Gdyni
  • GEA / Westtalia / Schaler

It is worth mentioning here Mr Maciej Płażyński, the Marshal of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland at that time, who significantly contributed to the ship’s construction.

The agreement concerning the construction of “Horyzont” on the basis of the hull of the “Polarex” in Gdańsk Repair Shipyard of the name of Józef Piłsudski was signed by:

  • on behalf of the ship owner – Gdynia Maritime Academy: His Magnificence Rector,  Prof. Piotr Przybyłowski 
  • on behalf of the executor of the construction – the President of Gdańsk Shipyard “Remontowa”: Mr Piotr Soyka

Designers and contractors of the construction:

  • the functional-spatial conception of the ship – Mr Włodzimierz Szczepański (architect)
  • the technical classification documentation - Przedsiębiorstwo Projektowo - Usługowe  “Prorem” in Gdańsk   – Director Wiesław Sarnaszek 
  • the Manager of the construction from Gdańsk Shipyard “Remontowa” – Mr Jerzy Drężek 

Ship owner supervision:

  • Supervising Manager – Mr Franciszek Tabaczyński
  • Propulsion team - Mr Arkadiusz Kalicki (the chief engineer)
  • Navigation and deck equipment – Mr Julian Witkowski (the captain)  
  • Consultancy services - Navimor International Sp. z o.o  - Mr Jarosław Popis

    Technical specifications

    Length: overall:  56.34 m, on freeboard: 51.32 m, between perpendiculars: 48.37 m

    Breadth: 11.36 m

    Moulded depth amidships to upper deck: H: 6.29 m, HMAX: 7.72 m /together with the keel/

    Mast height from the waterline: 21.75 m

    Designed draft: 3.90 m /5.33 m / / together with the keel/

    GRT: 1321  

    NRT: 396   

    Deadweight: 288     

    Fuel tank: 265.6 t

    Fresh water tank: 60 t

    Speed: 12 knots

    Build year and place: 2000, Gdańsk

    Capacity: 57 /including 16 crew /

    Port of registry: Gdynia

    Flag: Polish

    PRS  No: 680107


    Polish Permanent Register of Ships under No: ROG / S / 359 

    IMO  Number: 9231925

    Yard number: SBS 6152

    Number of Tonnage Certificate: 4800

    Main engine:
       type:  8 S 20 UD-H.Cegielski – Sulzer; 
       power: 1280 kW;
       nominal rotation speed  : 1000 rpm

    Generating set:
       type: D 2840 LE-DEMP/MA –3 pieces,
       power: 301 kW /each/ - 376 kVA

    Emergency generating set:
       type : D 2866 TE-DEMP /MAN – 1piece;
       power:  158 kW

    Controllable Pitch Propeller CPP: CP 65 WARTSILA , D = 2.1 m

    Bow thruster: STT 10 LK SCHOTTEL - power: 125 kW


    The ship performs the following functions:

    • Research function – aboard the ship there is a possibility of conducting the University’s own research and research contracted by scientific institutions in Poland and abroad. The base for the scientific research is provided by two laboratory containers equipped in accordance with the needs of users – potential clients. The ship has also the computer network.
    • Didactic function – aboard the ship there is a possibility of realizing all kinds of vocational trainings for students and pupils of maritime schools. The ship has the latest generation navigation bridge and the drive set, which enable conducting trainings by navigators, engineers and electricians/ship automation experts. The navigation cabin is equipped with four independent student’s workstations that reflect the navigational equipment of the bridge. The ship has also a large manoeuvre-control room. Moreover, for the didactic purposes she has at her disposal one lecture room for 32 students and the computer centre.
    • Transport function – the ship has the possibility to carry two 20 ft containers - (also refrigerated) allowing her to offer international transport services for the needs of potential clients. The units that are currently interested in transportation services provided by the ship are two research institutions of the Polish Academy of Sciences, which want to use her to carry both scientists and equipment to the Polish scientific bases on Spitsbergen and the Antarctic.
    • Touristic function – providing the indispensable standard in living and social areas aboard. The ship has single cabins, cabins for five with independent bathrooms, a spacious crew mess with the club and a student mess. The ship may be used for touristic purposes only when there are free places aboard.