Jakub Budzyński

Jakub Budzyński is a Stakeholder Manager at RWE Renewables, Vice President of the Management Board of the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society, industry consultant in the offshore wind sector. An expert in the field of supply chain for the offshore wind energy sector and regulations in the Polish market in this field, associated with the sector since the beginning of his professional career.

Jakub is a graduate of the University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk University of Technology and the Polish Institute of International Affairs. He is a specialist in the field of climate and energy policy, regulations concerning the offshore wind energy sector in Poland and abroad. He works as an advisor and consultant in the field of building a value chain in the offshore wind sector and an early stage of development of an offshore wind farm projects in Polish legal and market environment.

Co-author of the proposed regulatory and system solutions for the Polish offshore wind sector. Experienced in the implementation of offshore wind farm projects in the Polish exclusive economic zone of the Baltic Sea. Co-author of the concept of promoting the local content in the supply chain for Baltic offshore wind farm projects, active participant in the design of the Act on promoting electricity generation in offshore wind farms (the so-called Offshore Act) of 17/12/2020. One of the initiators and authors of the Polish Offshore Wind Sector Deal, signed on September 15,2021 in Warsaw by about 200 entities, headed by representatives of the government and the largest entities in the offshore wind market and in the OWE supply chain.

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