Maciej Szambelańczyk

Attorney-at-law, partner in WKB Wierciński Kwieciński Baehr. Manager of the advisory team for infrastructure companies, in particular in the field of energy law.

His experience includes a number of restructuring projects in the energy sector and investment projects in new energy sources. He is an advisor to domestic and foreign investors in acquisitions and development of energy projects. Recommended by Chambers Europe in the field of energy.

He represented various industry associations in numerous legislative procedures  in the energy sector, such as the Act on electromobility, the Act on renewable energy sources, and the Act on offshore wind energy, as well as the package of regulations regarding the construction of a nuclear power plant in Poland.

Author of many publications in the field of energy. A speaker at national and international conferences on the energy sector. A co-author of the commentary to the Act on renewable energy sources and of one of the first scientific publications on the development of electromobility in Poland. A former member of the Parliamentary Team for Offshore Wind Energy.

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