About the Centre

The mission of the Offshore Wind Energy Centre is to support the development of the Offshore Wind Energy sector by providing education, training, and consultancy services. Our range of services are aimed at companies and institutions involved in the Offshore Wind supply chain, current industry professionals and individuals aspiring to undertake and accelerate their career in the sector. Competencies developed during training programs and solutions implemented through consulting projects allow organisations, managers and specialists to favourably position themselves in a dynamically evolving market. 

As the Gdynia Maritime University centre of excellence, the Offshore Wind Energy Centre aims to become an essential component of the sector's expertise, personnel, and innovation ecosystem. Thanks to cooperation with industry and academic partners, as well as Polish and international Offshore Wind experts, the Centre provides access to the most recent industry knowledge and management best practices. The Centre aims to become the Offshore Wind competence centre in Poland and in the Baltic Sea region, and a significant partner in the education and training market in Europe.  

The main purpose of the Offshore Wind Energy Centre is:

  • Educate highly qualified managers and specialists for the Offshore Wind industry.
  • Support companies and institutions in implementing effective management, organisational and technological solutions.
  • Disseminate current knowledge on functioning and development of Offshore Wind organisations.
  • Stimulate awareness of the importance of Offshore Wind for the national economy, especially for energy security, economic growth and labour market development.
  • Promote Offshore Wind Energy as essential for mitigating regional and global climate challenges.
  • Publish opinions and analyses of the development of the Offshore Wind Energy market.
  • Promote GMU as a leading centre of excellence in Offshore Wind and renewable energy.

Offshore Wind Energy is one of the fastest developing energy sectors in Europe and one of the most dynamic fields of the Polish economy. The sector's potential provides an exceptional opportunity for career advancement for professionals with managerial competencies, endorsed by the prestigious MBA diploma. 

The Offshore Wind Energy Centre provides individuals and organisations with:

  • Current, practical knowledge of how companies in the industry operate and develop.
  • Modern management and specialist competencies required in the industry.
  • Industry best practices and proven solutions.
  • Sophisticated project management skills in Offshore Wind Energy.
  • The opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with industry practitioners. 
  • Distinctive professional status in the dynamic Offshore Wind Energy market. 
  • An effective network of contacts with key industry professionals and organisations.
  • A valuable opportunity to develop a career in a sector of immense potential.
  • Inspiration and support for dynamic professional and personal growth.

We look forward to working with you.