Advancing Technology For Humanity (IEEE)

IEEE is the world's largest professional technical organisation dedicated to the development of technology. The principal aim of the organisation is to promote technological innovation and access for the good of humankind. Through its members' scientific and teaching activities, widely quoted scientific publications, well-developed technology standards and scientific conferences, IEEE is an inspiration to the world's innovation community, in particular in electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, computer and information engineering and related fields.

In 2016, based on a decision by the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Committee, the Polish branch of IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics was established and appointed members of the GMU Information Systems Department.

Members of staff of the Maritime Electronics Department are among the heads of the Polish branch of IEEE Electron Devices.

In previous years, staff from the Ship Electro-energetics Department were among the heads of the Polish branch of IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement.

Representatives of Gdynia Maritime University also take part in periodic scientific conferences organised by the IEEE.