Anniversary Celebrations During University Celebration Day - 21.06.2022

During the 102nd Anniversary of Maritime Education in Poland, the University celebrated the 40th anniversary of the training sail ship "Dar Młodzieży", beginning with the showing of a video recorded during the "Dar Młodzieży" open days in Gdynia on 28-29th May.

The Director of the Ship Management Office, Bogumił Łączyński, PhD(Eng), summarized the results of the "Memories of Work Experience Onboard the Dar Młodzieży", before announcing the names of the winners of the competition. The winners were presented with awards by the Rector. Filip Sularczyk and Yurii Slesarenko, and Anastazja Łuczak received first place in the category of "Film", and Piotr Świderski received first place in the category of "Text".

There was also live coverage from the "Dar Młodzieży", en route to Kiel in Germany from Rouen, with Ship Captain Rafał Szymański greeting all those participating in the ceremony and extending his congratulations to Professor Jurdziński. In the name of a generation of navigators, I'd like to thank you for your hard work in education, your scientific activity, and your undeniable contribution to the achievements of our University.

- Myślę, że mogę w imieniu pokoleń nawigatorów Panu Profesorowi podziękować za dydaktyczny trud i pracę naukową i niewątpliwy wielki wkład w dorobek naszej Uczelni.

Captain Szymański also referred to the 40th anniversary of the "Dar Młodzieży":

- 40 years ago, on the 4th July, the flag was raised for the first time on the "Dar Młodzieży". Throughout those 40 years, the "Dar" has faithfully served our University. It has been the place of training for thousands of students and hundreds of crew members have graced its decks. These 40 years are a true piece of history and a great achievement.

The 40th anniversary of the "Dar Mlodzieży" was also marked with the launch of a book prepared especially for the occasion. The godmother of the book — a collection of essays on the sailing ship - was Joanna Stasiak.

In reference to the publication, ceremony host Aleksander Gosk recalled a book dedicated to Honorary Doctor Professor Mirosław Jurdziński, entitled  "Professor Master Mariner".

The day's events were then summed up by HM Rector of GMU, who named the three main characters of the day as the "Dar Młodzieży" on its 40th anniversary, Honorary Doctor Professor Mirosław Jurdziński, and the University, including all of its staff.