The Finish software platform Awake.AI concentrates its activity in a few key areas:

  • digitalisation in maritime,
  • developing solutions for autonomy in maritime,
  • safety and reliability of marine operations,
  • maritime operations planning,
  • the use of maritime resources.

The platform is an innovative ecosystem for the exchange of information and technology for its stakeholders. Over 90 partners are part of the consortium, including universities, research centres, companies and legislative and financial institutions. The network of partners of the Finish consortium also includes the University of Turku, Turkey University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University, Abo Academy University, the University of Applied Sciences in Satakunta, Novia University of Applied Sciences, the VTT Technical Research Center of Finland.

In contributing to the development of the platform as a member of the international consortium, GMU agreed to support its partners by providing advice and opinions, creating innovation, cooperation in research and development, building partnerships, and strengthening the range of competencies in maritime technology.