Young academic people in Gdynia Maritime University may develop their social and political activities, pursue their scientific, cultural and creative passions within student organizations and associations and also within Student Special Interest Groups offering a wide variety of topics.



Student Scientific Organizations

In Gdynia Maritime University there are special groups – namely, dynamic sports sections and groups of special scientific interest, among others:

  • Student Special Interest Group "Navigator"
  • Student Special Interest Group "Nautica"
  • Student Special Interest Group of the Polish Electrical Engineers’ Association
  • Student Special Interest Group on Transport and Logistics "Translog"
  • Student Special Interest Group on Innovative Transportation and Logistics Systems
  • Student Special Interest Group on e-Business
  • Student Special Interest Group on Commodity Science "Cargo"
  • Student Special Interest Group "SEAWAYS"
  • Student Special Interest Group "Watchers"
  • Student Special Interest Group "Human Machine Interface" 


Student Parliament

Students’ interests are represented by the Student Parliament. This body represents students both before the authorities of the University and outside. It has its representatives in the University Senate, Faculty Boards and the University commissions. The Parliament also represents students of Gdynia Maritime University on the Polish forum in the Students Parliament of the Republic of Poland and on the Forum of Technical Universities. The main aim of the Parliament is to ensure that every student of Gdynia Maritime University has the right conditions to study and to develop their passions. The seat of the Parliament is located in the main building of the University, in Morska Street. Each student can contact the Parliament in case they need some help.


Choir of Gdynia Maritime University

Thanks to the initiative of students of our University, in autumn 2001 the choir of Gdynia Maritime University started its career. Both students and employees sing in it and the choir has appeared successfully during many municipal academic occasions and has given concerts in Poland and abroad. They have also managed to record their music on television and records. The membership in the choir gives an opportunity not only to develop one’s own skills, but also to realize the common passion. Rehearsals of Gdynia Maritime University Choir are held twice a week. People who are interested can come and see how the work on interpretation of a musical piece and voice looks. Moreover, one can check their vocal skills under supervision of a professional.


Places to meet

Student Club "Bukszpryt" 

Students may enjoy the maritime athmosphere of the student club ”Bukszpryt”, well-known for its numerous cultural events, concerts and discos, both cyclical and occasional.

In February, 2011 the Student Club "Bukszpryt" was ranked third as the best student club in the students magazine "Why" ("Dlaczego").


In the main building of Gdynia Maritime University there are also: a buffet and a canteen. They are open seven days a week and offer very tasty and inexpensive meals.


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