Cooperation in Poland

In realising the objectives of Poland's maritime Policy, and the priorities of the University's development strategy, GMU has for many years fostered relations with businesses, organisations and institutions from within the socio-economic community at home and abroad. The creation of scientific consortia and active participation in these consortia, as well as in scientific networks and other ventures related to the development of the regional innovation system, allows research to be designed for the development of the maritime economy and energy policy changes based on the potential of maritime areas. These activities are aimed at increasing the University's participation in the transfer of knowledge to the economy, the creation of innovative solutions, and the commercialisation of research results. The University's excellently qualified scientific staff and modern research laboratories guarantee research conducted at the highest level.

GMU staff make up a considerable part of expert teams preparing opinions on the development needs of the port and tourist industries, in-land shipping, and maritime traffic forecasts.

The wide range of possibilities we offer for cooperation cater to the needs of the socio-economic environment, whilst embracing the challenges of modern science and the national and global economies.