Council of Maritime Institute

On April 21, 2021, on the basis of an Ordinance of the Rector of the Gdynia Maritime University, RBP / 0132/18/2021, the Council of Maritime Institute was established.

The Council of Maritime Institute plays an advisory role for the Rector of Gdynia Maritime University and the Director of Maritime Institute in the field of monitoring the financial economy of Maritime Institute, monitoring the Institute's management, and expressing opinions in the sphere of key areas of its activity.

The Council of Maritime Institute consists of:

  • Filip Malata, chancellor of GMU
  • Eugeniusz Paweł Orzeszek, quaestor of GMU
  • Sławomir Kalicki, member of the University Council
  • Grzegorz Rutkowski, assistant professor at the Faculty of Navigation of GMU
  • Juliusz Gajewski, Head of the Department of Operational Oceanography

Sławomir Kalicki is the Chairman of the Council of Maritime Institute.

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