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GMU would like to proudly announce that following the first stage of The Tall Ships Races between Klaipeda and Helsinki Dar Młodzieży and its crew...
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Ladies and Gentlemen, On the morning of 24 May 2024, Dar Młodzieży left port in Gdynia in order to carry out sea trials following the...




Dar Młodzieży, a triple-masted B-95 frigate and GMU’s sail training ship, continues the tradition of its two famous predecessors, Lwów - the Maritime School’s sailing ship during its early days based in Tczew, and Dar Pomorza, known as the “white frigate”.

The tall ship is the first of its kind built in a Polish shipyard, according to an original polish project, and was from its conception designed as a sail training ship.



The Dar Młodzieży was built in 1981 as a replacement for the Dar Pomorza, which was no longer able to meet the modern training needs of officers of the merchant fleet. The project for the construction of the ship began as a result of an order for the building of a series of training ships for Soviet maritime schools. By way of a political decision and social action, it was established that the prototype for the export training ships, will be the successor to the Dar Pomorza. Once work on the project was completed, it was said that the sailing ship was built thanks to the efforts of Polish youth on behalf of the Polish youth.

The design of the ship - a type that was unseen before in Polish ship building was the work of Engineer Zygmunt Choreń, a junior ship designer at the shipyard in Gdansk and a sailor who had just taken part in a regatta around the world. He was supported by veterans of the first Dar, long-serving Ship Captain Kazimierz Jurkiewicz, the ship’s last Captain Tadeusz Olechnowicz, (who would later go on to be the first captain of the Dar Młodzieży), as well as members of the crew of the ship known as the “white frigate”.

The ship was laid down in June 1981, and its launch took place in November 1981. Its godmother was Helena Jurkiewicz, wife of Captain Kazimierz Jurkiewicz. The ceremonial raising of the flag took place on 4 July 1982 in the Pomeranian Quay in the ship’s home port of Gdynia - the permanent mooring place of Dar Młodzieży still today.  -


The history of Dar Młodzieży’s  service on behalf of the maritime education of Polish youth touches all seas and oceans, and continents of the world. It includes participation in the world’s most prestigious regattas and rallies, sailing the world’s most challenging waters, and writing the monumental history of the Polish flag. Royalty, heads of state, many of sailing’s greats, and thousands of admirers of the white tall ship have graced Dar’s decks.

The story of Dar Młodzieży’s first weeks at sea is far from ordinary. During its first voyage, the ship left port in Gdynia on 10 July 1982 and headed for the port of Rostock, before arriving at the British port of Falmouth for the start of the Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races. On 27 July, the crew of Dar was involved in the rescue and transport of a sailor from the German yacht Peter Von Danzig, who sustained extreme burns following the explosion of the yacht’s on board oven. After the injured sailor was airlifted to hospital, Dar Młodzieży returned to the race,  Where after covering 770 nautical miles, it took part in an exciting race to the finish on 29 July. The debuting ship finished in first place in Class A, beating its nearest rival, Gorch Fock, by 14 minutes and 18 seconds.

Across the Oceans

After sailing the waters of Europe in its first year, the Dar Młodzieży took to the waters of the world’s oceans. The ship was invited to take part in Osaka World Sail 1983. The Dar Młodzieży’s next voyage was a transatlantic expedition to Canada for the sailing rally Quebec 84 in honour of the 450th anniversary of the pioneering expedition of Jacques Cartiera in discovery of the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

In 1987-88, the ship was invited to take part in a great rally on the occasion of the 200-year anniversary of the settlement of Europeans on the Australian continent  It was decided that the ship would extend its journey to a complete circumnavigation of the globe. Following an enthusiastic welcome in the ports of Australia and New Zealand, the sailing ship set a course for Cape Horn. In the ship’s logbook, it is recorded that Dar Młodzieży passed Cape Horn at 7:15 am on 6 March 1988. During 274 days, the ship sailed a total of 36,352 nautical miles.

Dar Młodzieży, is one of the most popular tall ships in the world. It receives many invitations to take part in notable events all around the world. In 1992, the ship took part in the Columbus Regatta - held in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, placing third in class A. In 1997, the ship participated in another tall ship race in Osaka Japan - Osaka Sail ‘97 - which marked the 100th anniversary of the building of the port. Dar Młodzieży beat many famous sailing ships to first place in class A. Around the same time, the ship could also be seen at rallies closer to home - in the ports of Gdańsk, Szczecin, and Gdynia.  -

A Tall Ship with a Tall Mission

Spectacular transcontinental expeditions, voyages around the Baltic with young members of the Maritime League, experienced mariners, sailing enthusiasts, and journalists on board - all part of its great educational and populist mission. Dar Młodzieży is a highly active ship working for the education of future maritime professionals; Producing valued officers and captains for the global merchant fleet. The ship is continually upgraded with the most recent advances in navigational technology and adheres to modern standards. Completion of a period of seagoing service recorded in a Seafarer’s Service Book is a great source of pride for all young apprentices who have uncovered the foundations of work and life at sea on board the Dar Młodzieży.

During 35 years of service under the Polish flag (1982 – 2017), the Dar Młodzieży has:

  • Completed 220 voyages and expeditions
  • Sailed almost 580,000 nautical miles
  • Called at 750 ports around the world
  • Trained more than 19,000 students and pupils of maritime schools in Poland and abroad

Vessel type

sail training vessel
triple-masted tall ship

Last known flag


Port of registry


Build year, place
and symbol

1982, Gdańsk Shipyard, B95/1

Call sign



KM 1 A 16 sp

Overall length

108.815 m

Length between

79.4 m


14.0 m


6.6 m

Height to main

7.815 m

Height to upper

10.05 m

Sail area

3015 m2 

Height of masts

49.5m; 49.5m; 46.5m


2384.85 t


335.37 t


2946 t

Speed under sails   

the highest daily mileage: 264.7 Nm (average speed 11.29 knots),
the highest mileage on watch: 56.1 Nm (average speed 14.2 knots),
maximum speed: 16.5 knots

Main engine

Cegielski - Sulzer type 8 AL 20/24. 2 * 750 PS (552 kW)

Speed under

economical speed: 9 knots
maximum speed: 12 knots





Fresh water

for 15 days

Fuel to the
main engine

for 45 days


for 165 persons for 15 weeks