Gdynia Maritime University is situated among picturesque hills of the beautiful Gdynia situated in the north of Poland at the Baltic Sea. Gdynia is one of the three towns together with Gdańsk and Sopot, which constitute a large, modern urban agglomeration – Tricity.

Gdynia obtained the municipal rights on 10 February, 1926. The impulse to develop a town was the construction of a port that was to ensure the access to the sea. From the very beginning of its existence, the town was connected with the sea. And this is the situation today. At present, Gdynia is one of the most modern and well developed centers of the maritime economy, international trade, science and higher education, culture and tourism. Due to its geopolitical location the town deserves the title of the center of international events and trade.

Gdynia has the second largest sea port in Poland as far as the amount of handled cargo is concerned. It is one of the most modern ports in Europe, which is linked with the whole world by ship lines and commercial contacts. The port of Gdynia is also the main passenger port in Tricity.

Gdynia is a town, where many companies operate within the maritime economy: shipyards, port companies, sea agencies, transport and forwarding firms.

Gdynia is a town of success, where live and work active, creative, entrepreneurial and brave people, who are more and more willing to undertake efforts and risk of running their own business. Bearing such people in mind, the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park (Park Naukowo – Technologiczny) and Gdynia Entrepreneurship Support Centre (Centrum Wspierania przedsiębiorczości) were founded in the town. Just here, big multinational corporations operating in such sectors as: construction, electronics, IT and telecommunications have their head offices. Also, the financial sector is growing really rapidly in Gdynia.

Gdynia bears the title of a business center. Ambitious and brave people find here many opportunities to realize their plans and life-long business ambitions, which are undoubtedly supported by widely understood activities of Gdynia Maritime University – a scientific didactic base connected with the maritime character of the town.

Without GMU it is difficult to imagine Gdynia’s modern urban landscape, including its architectural style.

On the other hand, Gdynia is a tourist attraction – there are lots of hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, cinemas, theatres, libraries, pubs and discos here. For sport enthusiasts a modern sport hall and a rugby/football stadium were built not long ago. Since 1 June, 2005 the access to the wireless Internet has been provided on the whole territory of Gdynia.


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