Higher Education Partners


Gdynia Maritime University collaborates with foreign Universities under bilateral agreements for joint scientific research activities and education.

The University has worked particularly closely for many years with Hochschule Bremerhaven (HB) (since 1978) and Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) (since 1984).

The academic staff of GMU and Hochschule Bremerhaven take part in staff exchanges, which have resulted in a series of lectures and joint workshops and seminars. Since 1985, the two universities have published the journal "Joint Proceedings Hochschule Bremerhaven - Uniwersytet Morski w Gdyni", in which the two institutions publish the results of their research. The students of both universities are involved in a seminar entitled "Managing Cultural Diversity in Europe", organised annually in Bremerhaven and Gdynia.

In 2018, the universities celebrated 40 years of cooperation. The album "40 years Hochschule Bremerhaven - Gdynia Maritime University 1978-2018” was published for the occasion documenting the universities' joint initiatives. Commemorative medals were also issued.


Cooperation between GMU and Shanghai Maritime University involves the exchange of visiting professors, academic supervision of doctoral dissertations, student exchanges, joint attendance at prestigious international conferences (IMECE, IEEE, IMEKO), and mutual scientific publications. The most important elements of this cooperation are shared international projects (Sino-Polish Joint Research Projects) in areas of priority in maritime-oriented science and technology, and partnership in international research under the auspices of maritime organisations: IMO (International Maritime Organization) and IAMU (International Association of Maritime Universities), as part of joint projects supported by the Nippon Foundation.

At the 1st Poland-China Regional Forum, GMU and SMU were honoured with the "Best Practice" award as the best example of long-term cooperation between Poland and China.

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