Jakub Strzelczyk - Acting Chair of the Student Parliament

Esteemed Rector, Marshall, Senator, eminent Senate, esteemed Chair, administration staff, Gdynia Maritime University academic teachers, dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen.

As the Chair of the Gdynia Maritime University Student Parliament, I would like to welcome you to the grand inauguration of the 2022-2023 academic year!

It is a great pleasure to welcome fellow students who are beginning their studies this year. From now on, you are part of an academic body which proudly represents the University but also the Polish Merchant Navy. The uniform that you will wear will not only distinguish you from the crowd, but it will also inspire you to represent us all of with dignity.

Beginning today, each of you is a member of the maritime community. You share in its obligations, but also its sense of belonging to a maritime family. It is a great commitment - moral, ethical, and intellectual, but also effort and hard work. Nevertheless, it is worth it, because as a graduate of our University, a lot of doors will open to you professionally.

Our University is not only scientific circles, the Guard of Honour, sports sections or the Student Parliament, to which I invite you to run for election - but above all, the unique atmosphere and emotions that come with being associated with the sea.

Faculty events are an unforgettable experience. These are dedicated themed events connected with a chosen profession. "Mechanical Engineering Day" will take place on 20th October, for which you are all warmly invited.

We begin the academic year in an exceptional place, aboard the "Dar Młodzieży". It is a ship of noble tradition, on which many generations of seafarers have been educated. I would therefore like to highlight the importance of both this ship and our University, of which as a member you can now be proud!

Our captains, marine and electrical engineers work in international waters and are outstanding specialists valued around the world. Logistics professionals support international supply chains and plan global cargo flows.

We can be proud of the graduates of all our courses, who, through hard work and determination, are achieving their goals.

The teaching staff - my warmest of welcomes to you all - are outstanding specialists who, in addition to their theoretical knowledge, are practitioners who patiently pass on their specialist knowledge, inspiring us to broaden our horizons.

I would also like to welcome lecturers and students from Ukraine and thank them for choosing our University not only as a cradle of knowledge but also as a harbour of peace and freedom. Thank you for your trust in continuing your education and work here with us. Allow me to welcome you in your mother tongue!

I would like to wish everyone a successful academic year, much strength, patience, wisdom in your decisions, and determination in reaching your goals.

Thank you!