Admissions Open for Master's Degree Programmes, Offshore Wind MBA and Offshore Risk Management Postgraduate Diploma

The Faculty of Marine Engineering is admitting students to its master's degree programmes until Thursday 3rd March, whilst recruitment for the remaining places on a postgraduate diploma programme in "Risk Management in Offshore Extraction and Offshore Wind Industries" at the Faculty of Navigation will also last until 3rd March. Enrolment for the Executive MBA in Offshore Wind is ongoing, with sessions scheduled to begin on 25th March.


The Faculty of Marine Engineering is currently recruiting candidates for its master's degree programme (Full-time and extramural studies) in “Ship and Port Overhaul Technology" (TRUOiP) and “Installation Exploitation Engineering" (IEI). Admissions will close on Thursday 3rd March.  

"Risk Management in the Offshore Extraction and Offshore Wind Industries” is a new postgraduate programme opened at the Faculty of Navigation. Recruitment of candidates for the last remaining places on the programme is open until Thursday 3rd March 2022. Applications should be made by email to podyplomowe [at] The first semester will begin in March 2022.

Applications are also being considered for the Executive Offshore Wind MBA conducted by Gdynia Maritime University's Offshore Wind Energy Centre. Participants of the MBA Programme will acquire unique competences relevant to the management of offshore industry companies and projects. The Programme will last four semesters and will begin on 25th March 2022. All sessions will be delivered in English. 

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