PTMEW Becomes Executive Offshore Wind Energy MBA Partner

The Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society (PTMEW) has become a partner to the Executive Offshore Wind MBA run by the Offshore Wind Energy Centre at Gdynia Maritime University. The Society’s CEO, Mariusz Witonski, has joined the Executive Offshore Wind MBA’s Programme Board.

PTMEW was founded in 1997 and took its current name - which fully reflects the nature of its activity - in 2011. “The mission of PTMEW is to promote the establishment and development of offshore wind energy off the Polish coast through outreach, education and lobbying activities. For this reason, we continue to support valuable education projects that contribute to the industry’s progress.

The Executive Offshore Wind MBA Programme is one of the first in the world to combine the development of management competencies with current industry knowledge. The synergy of GMU’s experience and the involvement of partner institutions as well as offshore wind companies and practitioners will guarantee the high quality and practical value of the programme. PTMEW is keen to contribute to the project” – commented Mariusz Witonski.

The Offshore Wind Energy Centre welcomes the involvement of the Polish Offshore Wind Energy Society in the development of the Executive Offshore Wind MBA. Thanks to the know-how of experienced experts and prominent industry organisations, the EOW MBA is a practical, modern and effective programme for those working or aspiring to work in the industry.

Admissions to the Executive Offshore Wind MBA are currently open. The first session will take place on 25th March 2022. For more information please visit: 

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