Dar Młodzieży


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The three-masted sail training ship was built in Gdansk Shipyard. The first hoisting of the flag took place on 4th July, 1982 and her Godmother was Helena Jurkiewicz - the wife of the Commander of the “Dar Pomorza”, Kazimierz Jurkiewicz -who had rendered great service to our country. On 22nd July 1983 the ship participated in the tall ships rally in Osaka. Under the command of Captain Tadeusz Olechnowicz the “Dar Młodzieży” took aboard 119 students of Gdynia Maritime Academy, who spent one full semester of their education at sea. The changing wind conditions made it extremely difficult for the ship to manoeuvre under the sails. Nevertheless, on the last distance of the rally, she managed to raise all the sails and majestically entered the port of Osaka, where she was enthusiastically welcomed by the crowds gathered on the wharf. During the 12-day stay in Osaka more than 200 000 guests visited her. The voyage lasted 217 days, the sailing vessels covered 28 065 nautical miles and called at 13 ports. 

The next great event was her participation in the Operation Sail '84. The “Dar Młodzieży” left Gdynia on 31st March 1984 taking aboard students of Szczecin Maritime Academy. The official start was on 18th April from Brest. The first stage took place on the Bermuda Islands, the second along the coast of North America to the port of Halifax.  On this stage the “Dar Młodzieży” competed successfully with such sailing ships as the American “Eagle" or the Bolivian “Simon Bolivar”. It was a great success of our sailing ship and her crew commanded by Captain Tadeusz Olechnowicz. Later, all sailing ships made the joint voyage to the port of Gaspe at the estuary of the Saint Lawrence River and then to Quebec, which was the main host of the Operation sail  '84 organized for the 450th anniversary of discovering the Saint Lawrence River’ way by the French sailor and explorer Jacques Cartier.

On 10th July 1986 the “Dar Młodzieży” commanded Captain Leszek Wiktorowicz set off from Gdynia for the next regatta - Operation Sail '86 to Newcastle. During a four-day-stay in the port, the “Dar Młodzieży” was visited by a huge number of people and was considered to be the most beautiful sailing ship in Operation Sail '86. Unfortunately, in this rally the winds were not very favourable for our sailing ship and despite the heroic effort of the students and crew – the first to come was the “Kruzenshtern”. In 1987 the “Dar Młodzieży” made her longest trip to Australia covering 32, 352 nautical miles in 274 days, at the same time making the longest non-stop passage under the sails of 1241nautical miles, which brought her the trophy of the “Boston Tea Pot”. In the years 1987 - 1988 the “Dar Młodzieży” made several short training races on the Baltic Sea with the members of the Maritime League and other youth organizations connected with the sea. In1992 the tall ship took part in the Grand Regatta Columbus '95 organized for the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America, in which she won the third place in A class.

By 2006 the “Dar Młodzieży” made 125 training voyages calling at 357 ports of Europe, Asia, Australia and both Americas and covered more than 388 000 nautical miles. She trained 12 024 students of Maritime Universities in Gdynia and Szczecin, and secondary maritime schools. In the first half of 1997 (from 28th December, 1996 to 20th August, 1997) the “Dar Młodzieży” made another big voyage. Its aim was participation in the tall ship race “Osaka Sail '97" and celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the port of Osaka. In this race she was better than many famous sailing ships and won the first placed in A class.

In 2007 our training sail ship took part in: the regatta Word Cup Pokal on the route from Travemünde to Warnemünde, Tall Ships' Races on the route Aarhus - Kotka- Stockholm - Szczecin, Sail de Ruyter starting from Dutch Vlissingen and finally in Cuxhaven Sail. Aboard the “Dar Młodzieży” there were youth representatives as part of the J8 Summit, the meeting organized with the UNICEF contribution. In cooperation with IMO, there were vocational trainings held for 50 students from African maritime academies. In 2008, for the first time in her history, there was a three-week training organized for 150 students of the Belgian maritime school - Hogere Zeevaartschool. This event was a great success and resulted in the continued cooperation in the successive year. In June the sailing ship took part in the celebrations of the Days of the Sea-Sail in Szczecin - the representatives of the municipal authorities and guests from different branches of maritime industry met then aboard the “Dar Młodzieży”. During the first stage of Tall Ships' Races the "Dar Młodzieży" won the third place.

Furthermore, such events as: L'Armada Rouen, Hanse Sail Rostock and Lütte Sail Bremerhaven 2008 will be long remembered.


Technical data

Vessel type

training sail vessel
three-masted tall ship

Last known flag


Port of registry


Build year, place and symbol

1982, Gdańsk Shipyard, B95/1

Call sign



KM 1 A 16 sp

Overall length

108.815 m

Length between perpendiculars

79.4 m


14.0 m


6.6 m

Height to main deck

7.815 m

Height to upper deck

10.05 m

Sail area

3015 m2 

Height of masts

49.5m; 49.5m; 46.5m


2384.85 t


335.37 t


2946 t

Speed under  sails

the highest daily mileage: 264.7 Nm (average speed 11.29 knots),
the highest mileage on watch: 56.1 Nm (average speed 14.2 knots),
maximum speed: 16.5 knots

Main engine

Cegielski - Sulzer type 8 AL 20/24. 2 * 750 PS (552 kW)

Speed under engine

economical speed: 9 knots
maximum speed: 12 knots





Fresh water

for 15 days

Fuel to the main engine

for 45 days


for 165 persons for 15 weeks

Current position of Dar Młodzieży