The building of the Faculty of Navigation of Gdynia Maritime University contains the most modern in Poland astronomy museum, which was modernised in 2011 - the Planetarium named after A. Ledóchowski.

It is one of laboratories of the Department of Navigation. The Planetarium equipment enables conducting didactic classes for students in astronavigation and organising shows for people interested in astronomy as well as lessons for schools. Thanks to the most modern in the country projector equipment it is possible to present six thousand stars and other celestial bodies in an unparalleled number and displaying particular points and lines of the celestial sphere, among others ecliptics, the celestial equator, the local meridian and many others.

Moreover, it is also possible to show projections of galaxies, nebulas, constellations - in approximation, movement, statically, visible from a particular place on the Earth and at a particular moment. It is possible to see the sky above Poland or New Zealand - what it looked like thousands of years ago and what it will look like in a thousand years, speeding up or slowing down the daily movement respectively.


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